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Problem with Choke + idle.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nake., Jan 31, 2009.

  1. This refers to a Honda CBF 250 '07 model..(if there is known problems with that model)

    So basically this bike is a Demo from a shop, 650 Kms...its done 450 in about 2 weeks...

    The choke has to be atleast half on in the cold mornings until it gets started right....And after a while of riding i should be able to turn the choke down? Cause with the choke on it idles at ~4000rpm.

    I don't think this is where it should idle, but even after a 2 hour constant ride if i barely touch the choke and turn it a tad off, the engine will die if i dont constantly rev the engine...

    Am i missing an obvious noob mistake, or is there something that has to be done to the bike? or is this completely normal idle amount?
  2. With the choke on and the engine warm the idle should be pretty high.

    When I start my bike with the choke open it will idle around 1 - 1.5k then when at temp it goes up to 3k.

    With the stalling though... not to sure.
  3. Have you tried to adjust the idle speed? If you don't know how then check the manual page 77.
  4. You're a noob.
    Bike is under warranty.
    Take it back to the shop.

    Warm idle speed should be about 1400rpm (I think)
  5. are you saying that the bike dies when you take off the choke when its warm? If the choke is on while the bike is warm it will start to foul up the plugs, and make it bog down until you clear the plugs a bit by giving it a bit of a rev. Try taking the choke off when its still cold, and if it wont stay on try the throttle stop screw (idling screw).