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Problem with 1980 Honda XR 200 Motorcycle, No spark

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jimmycutfield, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. I have a XR 200 1980 Honda that is a good old bike that is ridden on farms etc. I have all electrics and some spares and producing no spark. I need to know what ohms on the coils I need to measure. The CDI seems ok as the pulse breaker. How do you measure or check the CDI block (5 wires) 1. power 2+3 CDI pulse, 4 earth and 5. kill switch plus supply to the coil. I assume the coil is ok as I do not measure any volts on the coil supply.
    Well! what to buy or what to check?

    Cheers Jim

  2. I would say your CDI is rooted. Old Hodas from memory use to eventually do this. Its been so long since Ive worked on one of these. Need a circuit diagram to start diagnosing properly. Can you measure any resistance in the coil between any terminals?
    Ring or email Honda MPE or some Honda dealerships were you might luck it and get a old school Honda mechanic. Probably more likely in your rural dealerships.
    I would ring or email eastern motorcycle wreckers in Ringwood, Victoria. Older guys there are a gun at electricals and have been in game so long they may remember. You are talking about a 29 year old bike. But jeebus they built them to last back then. Cut my teeth on this sort of stuff.
    Good luck :grin:
  3. cheers Movin

    Thanks mate.
    Got spark now just a dirty connection between coil and CDI.
    Now no fuel (don't think it's anything major).
    Getting there, the old girl will be running soon.