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Problem! Ticking sound on overrun...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ELX, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've got a 94 Kwaka EL250 cruiser. The bike is running very well and was serviced only a couple of weeks and a few hundred km's ago. I have noticed one odd thing tho, sometimes when the engine is on overrun (meaning i've just rolled off the throttle and the bikes under engine braking) I hear this odd ticking sound. Its not that loud, but you can hear it over the engine, and im just wondering if anyone knows what it might be caused by? It sounds to me like its coming from the top end, but as I said its only when the bikes on overrun and its an odd ticking clicking sound over and over. Anyone got any ideas?? Thanks guys,


  2. Take it back to where it was serviced and ask them if they left something
    loose inside which has come undone?
  3. Probably a cam chain rattle.
    You can remove the Cam Chain tensioner and reset it.

    It's unlikely, but there might be something loose and causing a rattle upon decel. Wouldnt hurt to remove the tank and check the fittings and see if anything's loose.

    Sorry, I cant be more specific based on the information provided.
  4. Hello
    I read your comment your problem. You have buy a good bike. you hears for some different sound in your bike. I think you will be going on service station and check out bike.
    The service man solved your query...
    Thank you..........
  5. Wait.... What? :?

    As for OP, can you describe the sound? what work did they do on the bike? Could be an number of things, could be the cam chain, could be the drive chain slapping the swingarm. Could be a loose exhaust. Does it do it in time with the road speed or the engine speed? Half as frequent as the exhaust pulses (top end), or as frequent as the exhaust pulses? (Bottom End); is it rythmic or random?
  6. The service mechanic may have simply reset your valve clearance and the noise you're getting is normal.

    Over time the clearance tends to close as valves seat and stretch. This lessens any noise which, in the case of valve clearance, is not ideal.

    Happy tappets, are tappy tappets!
  7. a knocking noise on decel' usually means a big end bearing is gone.

    ask how i know.
  8. Check your chain tension and condition.
  9. Lolol. HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS!.....


    I just figured I'd update this as I fixed the problem today, just incase anyone searches in the future if they have similar issues. They can see what worked!

    I feel like a right fool, I had reset the cam chain tensioner several times, and was just about to open the top end to check the chain guides for wear, or the cam chain itself for problems. Then I checked the drive chain and it was a bit loose, so I tightened it a little up to spec and it 100% fixed the problem. Glad I didn't start opening the top end! Anyway the chains quite old and tired so I'll have to replace it soon, but thanks to everyone for the replies! Especially Maria, particularly amusing haha.

  10. I think Maria is actually a potential spammer going by the posts and her website.
  11. I have disagree would you smee. You thinking of spam with maria because words fall tree where random times perhaps? Possible for expert with "The service man solved your query..." anytime holiday always trench. LOL!