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Problem starting the nice new bike today...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Messy, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Hey all, annoying start to the day that should have been awesome :p.

    So i just gets to bed after nightshift, woken up by truck arriving with my shiny new 2009 triumph sprint st. Worth being woken up for :).

    Truck leaves. Bike refuses to start, only just turns over. Me on v steep hill and v steep driveway = problem. Ok battery near dead, stupid truckies have left the ignition on again as they always do. Flick on and off the ignition a few times and let the fuel injection cycle and prime the system, then go for the roll start. Chugged over a few times but still didnt get going properly.

    Reach bottom after a few spirited tries and fails, bike still not going, so rock climb back up the hill and get the car and the jumper leads, get back to bike and turn her over. Sure does turn hard now wow i think. Still a failure though as the bike wont actually start - though it did give an ocassional blurp like it really wanted to.

    Called up teammoto who i got it from they said because its fuel injected it really needs more power off its own battery (not sure how jumping vs own battery would make a difference there...?), so i have the battery on charge and now im going back to bed as i need to be up in 5 hours to go to work again.

    Any other thoughts as to why she might not fire up folks?
    Sure worked at the store and whilst i test rode it.

    Before anyone asks, yes theres plenty of fuel in the tank :p.
  2. Update: Charged battery hooked up, cranks with enthusiasm, thats still about it.
  3. Did u check fuel man?
    If its cranking but not starting....Check if there is enough petrol in that thing man.
    Dealers may have only put 1 or 2 litres...

    After reading ur comment, u may want to make sure the fuel is getting from the tank to the engine...
    Did u check spark plugs as well?
    So many things that could be wrong..

    Get the dealers to sort it out...
  4. ;).

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  5. Yeah i just read that bit lol sorry.

    Read my updated post.
  6. Sadly the dealers are 7 hours away...
    But it has warranty so i call them up they say sure talk to the local trumpy dealer here and get them to invoice for any works.
    Call them up and they say booked out until the 17th of next month.
  7. You have got the kill switch turned off yeah? :D
  8. No.... :p.
    Might have been off a bike for close on 5 months, but i still remember how to start one :p.
  9. Ok. Lets try something else.
    This doesn't have another kill type switch? Like clutch lever in ?
    Have u tried that?
  10. Cant Find any info on the 2009 model, but the [96] - EDIT 2006 (not 96) had a clutch kill switch. Bike had to be in neutral to start or clutch lever pulled in.

    I also know that the ignitor will run off a fuse. If there is no fuse, or the fuse is blown to the ignitor, ur plugs wont get spark. Which could cause it.

    Try putting the bike in neutral, kick stand up, and hold the clutch lever in, then try starting. Failing that, find the fusebox and check each fuse. Should be under the seat...

    Will wait for u to reply.
  11. Is there an immobiliser? - are both keys coded correctly? Have you tried both keys?
  12. No immobiliser ;).
    Yeah mate definitely kicking over for all shes worth. Ive just negotiated a case of beer with the guys over the road to help me get it back up the hill and in the garage. At least thats where all my tools are so with luck...
    Will suss out the fuses once its in the garage.
  13. Back in the garage now ;). Cost me a case of beer but well worth it, id have had a coronary trying to push that bastard up the hill on my own, and it was a struggle with 4 of us.

    Fuses all look fine to me mate! Edit: And were in the little 'luggage compartment' on the fairing hehe.
  14. hahaha dont take it out of the garage unless its running. And always go UP hill not DOWN!

    Can you get access to the spark plugs. Pull one out, earth it to the chasis, or engine case and star it to see if u can see spark....leave the spark plug cable plugged into the plug hey...
  15. Gotta get ready for dogwatch again unfortuantely and i didnt sleep any today of course - not for lack of trying.

    Keep the tips coming mate ill get chance to play over the next couple afternoons. Just got the battery hooked up to my charger to make sure shes full of go juice again for round 2.
    Edit: Bought a tune-ecu cable from the UK too, not for playing with the ecu, but for checking for faults when they next occur lol. Also got it booked in for the next available date at the trumpy dealer of October 17th....... just in case i cant get her to live in the meantime. Will take ~14 days to arrive so i might just get to check it out first before the dealer.
  16. Messy this probably won't help but have you started swearing at it yet, I tend to start venting after about 20minutes, volume gets louder until neighbours start slamming their windows and doors shut and small children are dragged back inside their houses by their parents.... as I said it may not help but fuck it makes me feel better..

    good luck with it.
  17. #17 Mr Messy, Sep 26, 2011
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    Haha, as it happens mate, the swearing went on for hours. Tried to sleep for night shift, and instead tossed and turned and swore and cursed everything lol.

    You are right though, made me feel better, and cheers dude. Will poke at it a little tomorrow after some sleep.

  18. So you're saying that you had a brand new bike delivered, it doesn't start, and the dealer/Triumph refuses do anything about it for three weeks? If it were me I'd be telling them that, in that case, I want to exchange the bike now for one that works. They can pick up this one when they drop the new one off.
  19. #19 Mr Messy, Sep 27, 2011
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    Not exactly, no.
    Is a 2nd hand with 6000 km on it.

    Bought it from Teammoto nerang, worked fine when there and tested. Now its here after a truck journey, and doesn't work. They told me at Teammoto to take it to a mech here and to invoice them for the necessary work as im 7 hrs drive from them, and the soonest the locals can look at it (not affiliated with Teammoto) is 17th of next month. Were it a new bike id be pushing for it to be replaced at their expense.

  20. Sigh, not sure what i have done wrong in the last few days, but i get back to the marina just now and my left front tyre on the cage is nearly flat. Made a 10min trip home take 45min as i nursed it all the way. Rather be having the trouble in my garage where i can put the spare on at least.