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problem starting (kick start)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by darkster, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. hey guys...after using this site for numerous researching i thought i should sign up as i have encountered a problem of my own. I just got my L's and purchased an NSR150, i have read the majority of opinions on the bike but i got it for a decent price.

    Problem is, when i first inspected it, the seller started it fine, (kick start), on the second inspection my friend did a cold start and it worked fine. I tried a couple of times in my garage and after numerous attempts had managed to get it goin and rode it around the block. Hadn't started it in a few days and when i tried it would not go. I'm taking a wild guess in that it may be the battery because after failing the first kick start the neutral light dims out and the headlights also and when i kick it again they come on for a split second then turn off as the bike dies....

    also when i started it before i had to rev the crap out of it otherwise it would stall on idle, even with the choke up

    Sorry for the long post...any ideas...noob friendly replies please
  2. Flickering lights tend to indicate a loose connection more so than anything else.

    Try that first, see how you go
  3. My bike was a real pain in the arse to start once apon a time.
    Somethings to looks for:
    Choke cable,
    Idle adjustment

    More likely then not ur battery. Even so, its a light 2 stroke. Easy easy easy, roll start/
  4. from my past experience...

    I wouldn't have the headlights on whilst kick starting as it drains too much power from the alternator - you need as much as you can get to fire the spark plugs and keep it going.

    My 1st CB also required a few light kicks just to prime it - or rocking the bike back and forth usually did the trick too. (Assuming you don't have a fuel pump of course)
  5. Thanks guys,

    yes i've tried roll starting but tend to run out of road before i get enough speed, its due for service anyway so i'll ask the mech to check things out as im not mechanically minded. Anyone know of any honest mechanics in the western Sydney area, i'll do a search.....

    Thanks again guys
  6. hey darkster, i also bought a nsr 150 sp 4 weeks ago and had the same problem, the previous owner told me that you cant leave the bike on run for too long coz the battery will die real quick... :? in the cold mornings i tend to pull out choke full, kick the starter and then just let it idle for 2 min, ease choke off and your ready to go :p hope dis helped :grin: cheers,