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Problem starting GPX in the cold

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by theeICEMAN, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. ever since this cold weather arrived my GPX hasn't been starting up as well as it use to.

    I am not sure if it I need to get the battery replaced or I need the carbies to be cleaned

    But when I park my bike outdoors in the cold and return to it at night.
    It doesn't start (tried using the choke) and the only time I'm able to start it is when I put it in neutral (clutch-in)and then push it to get enough speed, and then stand up and then sit down (hit the seat hard) whilst dumping the clutch and at the same time kicking it in gear 1.

    In the mornings (bike kepted under shelter), it starts up (choke applied of course) but I have to hold the starter button for like 2-3 seconds unlike how I use to only hold it for like one second..

    Is my battery dieing or do I need a carby clean?

  2. When determining if the battery is at fault, things that will point to the battery.....

    -slower than normal starter motor cranking speed
    -more than a few attempts at starting will see the battery go flat
    -headlight dims noticeably at idle ( significant voltage drop at low rpm )
    -battery voltage as measured at the terminals with the engine off is below mfg's recommended

    from gpx250 service manual....basic battery condition guide...

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  3. My 06 GPX is suffering the same thing, seems to be worse this year. The battery kicks the starter over, and it keeps cranking - sometimes just needs to coaxing to get it started. I figure that its just because its so damn cold. I ride mine every day to and from work and is my only form of transport on the weekend. Its regularly maintained and in good shape.
  4. yeah same, I commute on it everyday, how long do you normally hold you start button till the bike starts?

    Have you had your carbies cleaned?

    I'm also thinking that I'd have to check the choke cable, as it may be lose, and thats why it doesnt really help on cold starts at night..

    edit: but battery replacement is a must!
  5. Ha! My gpx isn't liking the cold at the moment, it needs a new battery as I get one go at starting it in the mornings.
    Must be the time for a gpx to catch the flu!
    I normally hold the button for a second to start it. My carbies were done about a year ago.
  6. I haven't had the carbies cleaned - I was thinking that its probably due. I'm assuming the battery is fine as it continuously cranks if I hold the button, I just need to milk the throttle a bit to get it going. Sometimes - given the proximity of the correct geographical features (hill / ramp) I'll give it a push start and give it a bit of motivation :)

    Starts first time in the garage every morning though!
  7. If you need to clutch start your bike do it in one of the higher gears, (4 or 5 ). First or second are too low.