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Problem reversing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gtrider, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just got my L's a few weeks ago, and i find it really hard to reverse. I know that I'm supposed to use both legs to push the bike backwards, but I find it nearly impossible to do.

    Is there a technique to it? Or am i just not strong enough to move the bike, the bike is Hyosung GT650R.

  2. Don't be such a pansy. That's the special technique.
  3. My garage has a slight incline & I back the bike in. Whe I get it as far as I can I dismount on the left, lean the bike into my butt (so it does not go over to the right & get to heavy to hold up), hold the bars & walk backwards very carefully.

    Works for me. :LOL:
  4. Why are you reversing?

    Ofcourse there are some situations which you just cant avoid but if you find it really hard then try and put yourself in as few of those situations as possible.

    Everyone should have the strength in there legs to push a GT250. I always push on the balls (basically your toes) of my feet.

    Sometimes it just takes some time to get used to i guess.
  5. Jump off and push! (no, really :LOL: )

    While I could move the 250 around ok (GPX), I can't move my bigger bikes while sitting on them unless it's perfectly flat ground. The easy solution is to get off and push - faster and probably safer! It'll take a little while to get used to, but when you do it's a much better way of doing it, IMO.

    I'm 5'10 btw, how tall are you? What's the seat height like on the Hyo 650?
  6. What i meant by reversing is parking. I think that it's more practical to reverse the bike than parking it head on. For example, at my uni, we have a specific place to park our bikes.

    I have thought about parking it normally, but the ground is exactly straight andl if I do that, then I have to reverse the bike uphill and that would make it even more difficult for me :shock:

    I'm about 5'5 and the seat height is 780mm.
  7. Get off and push, its the only way if you cannot walk it backwards.
  8. get a riding boot. it has excellent grip
  9. How well do your feet reach the ground?
  10. have you tried putting it in revers? :grin:

    its one click down from 1st
  11. works every time :rofl:
  12. Haha i didn't know that we can put the bike on reverse :LOL:

    I think getting a riding boot might help me. I can't put my feet flat on the ground, im pretty much on about less than half of my feet :oops:
  13. Just give it some time :) Boots might help too, some of the Rossis have a thickish sole. Try not to lift up when you push back, I struggled a little to start with, especially going backwards up a slope...still do sometimes.
  14. The camber on roads often means that if you don't back the bike in when you park it then you'll have to back it out, up a slope, when you try to leave. Good non-slip grip on the boots is essential, as is being able to get both feet on the ground. Otherwise you'll just be pushing the fuel tank into your groin. :shock: Some may enjoy this, others find it painful, and witnesses may find it disturbing. :evil:

    You ride a bike. This means that, sooner or later, you will have to get off and push. Get in some practice.
  15. try putting in neutral first - i find the bike move back easier
  16. Since we are on this topic of reversing. I have a rather strange problem.

    When my bike has sat outside even in a little bit of rain, its impossible for me to reverse the bike.

    Has happened twice and each time its rained a little outside. I had a friend help me push it back and it still wouldn't move. You guys are probably thinking its stuck in the gear - but its not. I push it forward moves easy, pull it back - doesn't move more then 2 inches.

    I am baffled as to what can be happening here :S Any ideas?

    Sorry if I am hijacking this thread.
  17. Don't park with the front down hill. Back it into the kerb when parking. Failing that, push the bike backwards, without mounting it.
  18. I am the same. with everything even (feet, bike and ground) I can only touch the ground with my toes while riding my GT250R. Grip is a major player for me, sometimes I'll just keep slipping and have no chance - other times it'll all be hunky dory and I could push my bike in reverse as far as I want. As I can't get solid contact with the ground I am very conscious of where I park. If the street slopes down I sometimes go a bit further than where I want to park, pull a u-turn and then approach the spot from the other side of the road (so I am reversing down hill). Alternatively if traffic is too heavy to allow that I just get out and push! The fastest way!

    You will never catch me parking the bike on a down slope (ie front of bike in the same direction as the drop of the slope) as there is no way I'd want to get caught off my bike in traffic (ie having to walk it out of a park).
  19. Don't you just hate being short!!!!!

    I had to have my bike lowered after dropping it and causing expensive repairs. :cry:

    And, it is quite embarrasing to explain it to your repairman... :oops:
  20. Exactly.

    Have a look at a busy bike shop at open or close time when they're moving all the bikes in or out.

    As others mentioned, you need to minimise your needs to reverse the bike up hills.

    Instead of riding downhill into a tight parking spot that will require a 50 point turn to have you facing the right way to get back out, think about reversing down the hill into the tight spot.