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Problem putting air in tyres!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pug, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Okay, I feel like a real idiot asking this one. :oops:
    Checked my air pressure this morning and decided I needed some air for the first time. Rode down to the garage.
    No problems putting air in my front tyre.
    I had problems with my rear tyre though. I couldn't get the hose connection onto the valve. With the rear brakes and other things getting in the way I just couldn't get the angle right.
    Eventually after trying a few garages I found by threading the hose through my spokes and with a bit of force I could get it on. Is it meant to be this difficult though? Any tips? :roll:

  2. Buy your own foot pump and guage. Then you're always using the same equipment that shows a consistent reading and can pump up at home instead of risking with some possible dodgy servo air hose.
  3. yeah i agree try and get your own compressor or pump at home, tyre pressure is very important on a bike and some of those servo pumps give unaccurate readings. If you dont have your own compressor at least get a good tyre pressure gague so you can confirm what the servo pump is telling you. I carry a little digital one in my bike so i can always confirm the pressure. 7 11 near me is standard 2psi out.

    As for hooking the hose on im not sure on your bike but i find i have to have the valve at the 9 oclock postion to hook it on, but i guess this work vary with each bike. You can also get value extension kits you screw on when pumping your tyres up (check auto barn etc out).

  4. Was a pretty annoying job getting it on the rear for me to. Nothing horrible though :)
  5. Just wait til you upgrade to a bike with twin big front disks :LOL:

    My small 12v compressor has a thin flexable hose with a screw on connection and works well. It was abouy $40 from Super Cheap. The gauge on the thing happens to be very accurate too which saves double checking with a pen or dial gauge.

    Pressures should be checked cold too.
  6. Again from Supercheap - $10 foot pump with right angle connector. The $5 dial guage I bought from there didn't last so long so now I have a digital jobby again with an angled head.

    Tyre pressure makes a huge impact of how the bike feels, in varying weather it won't hurt to check them 2 -3 times a week.
  7. Yep, can be a pain :roll:
    I had to 'bend' the metal tube on the tyre gauge @work to get it to fit onto the rear valve.
    +1 as Chris said ... buy a little 12v unit
  8. what psi should i roll with?
  9. Cold Front Tyre Pressure (Driver Only) 32 psi
    Cold Rear Tyre Pressure (Driver Only) 32 psi
    Cold Front Tyre Pressure (Driver + Passenger) 32 psi
    Cold Rear Tyre Pressure (Driver + Passenger) 40 psi
  10. Heres a hint go to your bike shop and buy a valve extender,keep it in your jacket and screw it on when ya wanna check your tyres at a garage.They are bent on a angle so anything will fit on your valves
  11. For the rear tyre i roll the bike forward until the valve is at the 11-o-clock (valve at the top slightly toward the rear) position. This makes it easiest to get the long servo pump around the chain and disk brake.

  12. +1
    That's what I have in case I have to use, but I prefer the digital air lines at some Woolies/Caltex/BP servos etc - lots easier to fit onto the valve than the traditional handheld Jamec ones with long, rigid tube, as there' only a small clip right at the end of the hose. More accurate too.
  13. Actually, it was those digital air lines that I was trying to use. I might try giving the foot pump a go as I have one in my garage. I'm guessing it takes time though.
  14. Not really, my track pump works well. I usually need to let some air out, due to slight over inflation.
  15. +1 here. I use the track pump I got for my pushbike in combination with a digital pressure gauge. Works a treat, and I never have to fuss about at a servo.
  16. Well, gave the foot pump a go tonight along with a good air pressure gauge I have. Worked a treat. Quick too. Many thanks for your tips.