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problem getting bike to idle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Unjay, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, just got an issue id love some advice on if anyone can help.
    Ive got a '92 250 Bandit so yeh its old and tired and i dont expect it to run perfectly. I bought it i guess a bit over month ago, had a major service done on it 3 weeks ago and since have only had a chance to ride maybe 3 times. Since having the service done, it runs great once im out and about but everytime i start it up to go for a ride it refuses to just idle. No matter how long i warm it up for, even 20 mins one time, as soon as i ease the choke off the engine sputters out pretty much immediately.
    Once ive been riding for say 10, 15 mins maybe then its fine and will idle on its own but until then I have to sit at the lights holding the throttle open a little to stop it from dying.
    I guess i should go back to the mechanic and see wat he says, but i thought id get some opinions first if i could.

  2. these 250/4s run quite a high idle. about 2000rpm. There is a knob for adjusting idle on your bike and it is not something that needs to be done be a mechanic. get that right first then start to look for further problems.
  3. Many old-tech carburetted bikes do have a significant warm-up period before they'll idle happily without the choke. 10-15 minutes is on the long side but it's not totally outlandish. Were the carbs balanced at the service? If not, it would be worth having them done.
  4. thanks guys.
    I turned the idle knob up a bit and it seems to start up perfectly and maintain idle on its own now. crisis averted *phew*
  5. Take it for a run now and make sure the idle doesn't continue to rise as it gets hotter.

    Pat's right in that poor carbie balance can lead to inconsistent idle.

    Also, has it had any pipe or airbox mods? If so it could need it's jetting and idle mixture looked at.

    Let's hope it's just that the idle was set too low.
  6. Also, what grade fuel are you running?
    Ide every know and again, run a high octane through it.