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Problem firing up my gs500

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rhys84au, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. 2009 gs500f

    This morning was damn cold at my place (although I have the flu so I could be exaggerating a bit) but when I went to fire the bike it would try to turn over for a second or 2 then I would just get clicking from the starter.

    Ended up jumping off the car ad I let it run for a few mins before trying to start again without jumpers. Fired up fine, hour later started fine again.

    Taking a multimeter home with me tonight to measure the battery and measure again in the morning if it refuses to start. Was almost going to buy new battery this morning but didn't until I get to measure it.

    So for those of you more in the know how many volts ect should I be measuring ect if the battery is healthy? Well... Approximation anyway.
  2. Living in Logan city qld so wouldn't have thought it would get cold enough to be too much issue. And yes tried the choke ect. If anything with choke on it made less of an attempt to start
  3. If you have access to a multi stage trickle charger then you may be able to revive it by letting it trickle charge for a while (assuming it is your battery).

    When i bought my GS the cheap chinese battery in it was neglected.
    I tried topping it up and jumping it then riding the bike to charge it up but it just wouldn't hold its charge.

    I then purchased a 5 stage trickle charger which claimed to decalcify neglected batteries and left it to trickle charge for afew days, emptied the water and refilled it with fresh demineralised water. It has been working flawlessly ever since (1 year) even on a really cold morning it starts up no dramas. The charger was also much cheaper than a new battery so it was worth the investment :)
  4. i took a quick look with a multimeter last night but couldnt do too much with failing light. wont get another chance to look until next week /cry

    however the bike today managed to fire for a second or 2 then would die. with the choke on it would simply make a springy sound and then simply tick with the starter. so i turned choke off.. fired the bike and immedietly gave some throttle and choke. let it run for a minute then shut it off.

    bike would start first shot whenever i checked throughout today afterwards (that first fire was this morning about 7:30)

    i did notice tonight tho that the headlight was slightly dull and would brighten when i increased revs. might be normal.. not sure never noticed it before.

    any thoughts?

    oh battery voltage last night when i checked was about 12.7 volt. this morning about the same as with the guide at 5k rpm i was reading about 13.8
  5. 12.5 is too low for a charged resting battery, it indicates a State of charge of less than 50%. 13.5 is a little low for a battery under charge, that should be 13.8 - 14.5 levels.

    Charge the battery with an external charger.
    Measure the resting voltage again, should be high 12s or low 13 volts.
    Start the bike rev the engine and measure the voltage should be high 13v and above.

    If the resting voltage is still low after an external charge it is probably battery, if it is OK and charge voltage is low it is probably charge circuitry and you should do the reg and alternator check outlined in Parkers link above.