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Problem downloading photo's from camera

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, May 11, 2010.

  1. I connected my USB hard drive into my laptop yesterday morning intending to back up my pst & other impotant files as per usual and for some reason it went through a full install process rather than having the pop up window full of options asking me what to do.

    It now appears as my "F" Drive whenever plugged in.

    So I disconnect it and plug in the digital camera into a different USB Port and it comes up as the "F" Drive exactly the same and I no longer get the option of using the XP Photo wizard thing which allows easy name changing ](*,)

    Now when you normally get the window on the screen asking what you want there is a tick a box giving you the option to "Do this action everytime you conect this item" and I get the feeling somehow this box got ticked with me doing it as box the USB HDD & Camera simply load up as a plug in storage device rather than giving me the option of choosing what I want to do.

    So how the heck do I undo what's happened.

    I tried the obvious reboot followed by uninstalling every USB appearence in the device manager followed by a reboot but it's still playing up.

  2. Do you use a mac or pc?

  3. Hmmm "

    What do you reckon?
  4. Hey, thats exactly what mac user might say:

    "I no longer get the option of using the XP Photo wizard thing on my PC...Oh no..wait... silly me. It's not a mac. So I plugged in my USB HDD into my mac, and straight away the magic pixie unicorns made it all happen seamlessly..."splendid" I said, just enough time for a gay sex romp with a horny unicorn and a steve jobs mannequin, before supper..."
  5. :rofl: AHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Hey, some people are REALLY bad with computers. Thus the inevitable first question most help desks ask "is it plugged in" or "what model computer is it?".

    Don't diss me for trying to be helpful, that's just low.