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Problem child called Kermit

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by gpxkermit250, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Ok, so touch wood, overall so far so good with my bike over the last 12months in regards to stuff breaking/going wrong.

    However, the only 2 times I have taken it to a mechanic for a service/tyres etc, like a naughty dog who knows that he is being taken to the VET, my Kawaka seems to want to crack the Sh*ts on the way there.

    This morning on the way out to Ringwood at 7am from the other side of town (oh how nice was the sun glare down the Eastern) my clutch cable let go… Kaput…by some miracle was able to lane split all the way slow and or fast to navigate Maroondah highway red lights and got to were I needed to be without stalling.

    Last time I went to the mechanic, on the way there my brake lights failed - took me ages to wonder why I was getting cage raged and almost run off the road.

    Lucky my bike doesn’t have a warrenty, as it would proabably implode like the Blue Brothers Car 1 day after it expired.

    Timing is everything! Better to be on the way to the mechanics then on the way home I guess.. : )
  2. Why not use a bike mechanic closer to home, where is it you are located, inner west? It is a kawasaki, just get a good mech to put in top order and hand over your hard earned cash, All fixed! May I suggest Dyno Bike in Moorabin, or the jetski place in footscary, I forgot the name.
  3. is that some sort of freudian slip?
  4. He he he, thanks for pointing that out, Yeah a slip but not so freudian, more typing impairment.
  5. +1 for IN TUNE out at Ringwood - was worth the ride out there.. but might be worth looking around my local aread for future as well, as back up

    Good blokes, fixed the clutch, replaced the chain and sprockets, no mess, no fuss, didnt charge me the earth and didnt charge me for an extra but of work I asked them to do on the handlebars - and did it same day asap for me...