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problem changing gears at high revs..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ronin11, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. noticed over the last couple days while out riding that when i rev the bike out past 12ish grand, i cant change gears. it feels alot like at that RPM the gear selector is being jammed as it wont move until the RPM has dropped down to below 5 grand-ish, then it will change no probs.. bu if i was to be, say thrashing it, it wont change when i pull the clutch in (yes, all the way in, ive checked myself and made sure i was pulling it all the way in on a number of occasions) (i use the clutch to change gears)
    * the term ish has been used as they are the places where i was able to check what was happening at the time of the trouble. *

    im also looking for somewhere decent round hoppers/werribee to take the bike for a service, but i dont want to give the guys at the bike shop a permit to flog my bike to test the problem..

  2. Well could be a couple of issues, worn clutch basket grooves in the outer basket not allowing clutch to plates to fully release although the clutch spring plate has lifted, or worn shift selector shafts / forks

    Thats my thoughts
  3. It should shift fine without the clutch, so I'm not sure if that is your problem.

    I find the smoothest changes require pre-loading the gear shift lever and flicking the throttle off (slight tap on the clutch at lower speeds).
  4. Wot oil you using?

  5. I think the yammy guys are pretty decent, they have R1's there they can hammer if they want to have fun :)
  6. androo.. cant say ive really given clutchless shifting a go at high RPM.. might have to have a go at that next time im out..

    JJ.. you know what.. ive just been through the user manual, and i got no idea what sort of oil is in it.. its due for a service soon, i think when i take it in, ill get them to drain ti all and replace the filter and put somethign reasonable in there, hopefully that might smooth the problems out.

    port - but yammy guys wont thrash yammy's.. its ownership pride.. if they see a 2fiddy suzuki comin in.. they rub their hads together.. thansk for the tip man, i might drop in and speak to them see what sort of price they can give me for a service.
  7. It wont hurt, old oil can do silly things to gearboxes n clutches, including stuffing up changes,. and especially lots of false neutrals.

    I suggest a synthetic blend not fully synth, I used Fuchs "Titan" 20w40 in my Across, never a problem. Others recommended Motul blends, but at twice the cost I couldn't see the point.

    I never used the clutch while changing up on the Across (well except for geting it into first :wink: ) in a 250 it can really help to keep the revs up in the "band".

  8. i just got back from taking it for a spin.. the clutchless shifting seems to work okay.. how much damage does it really do though? on a car, its pretyt easy to screw up and break syncros.. but a bike box is constant mesh.. whats the chances of damaging it??

    is it hard to change the filter on the accross? this is the sort of stuff im not used to paying for on a car is all, if i could get wya woth it id like to not pay someone else to do it on the bike too.