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Problem after power wash!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by p_o_s, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. My neighbour spray-painted her fence and covered my bike with red spots. Stupidly I powerhosed them off and now have a mechanical problem. (2003 Fazer 600 - older model)

    The bike started after the wash but there was a burbling noise at low revs, and the power was not really being delivered while the burbling noise was there. At higher revs/speed the pwer was fine.

    I drove it for 30kms or so to see if the heat of the engine might dry out the problem. After 25 kms or so the bike started cutting out when idling at lights etc... I adjusted the carb speed to keep it ticking over but it still happens (not as often).

    Anyone have a similar issue? any solutions?
  2. Err... sorry but I dont know how to fix it...

    However... the only bikes desgined for a hose are dirt/trail bikes.
    Otherwise use a bucket and sponge. I go one less and use a wet rag and after that, some Mr.Sheen! Works a treat.
    Just thought id mention this because I know too many people think its ok to hose down a bike. Sorry you learnt the hard way...

    Good luck!
  3. water in youre spark plugs? airbox? upya exhaust? not good
  4. It's probably just water down a plug hole. Go for another ride.
  5. Yeah, just give it time, it'll almost certainly dry out. As already said, pressure washer+bike=bad idea.
  6. Yeah, and watch out for riding in the rain, your paint will run! :roll: :p
  7. Yeah, I must have some weird ass bike, it can sit in torrential rain all day, and just start right up when it's time to go.........

    I've also pointed the hose at it at least two dozen times...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. I took the Hornet to a car wash this morning here in Melbourne, and apart from having to bring the brakes back 'in' when I rode away, I had no probs, as always. I think your problem is much more serious than a wet plug......
  9. hehehe... nah, you know what i mean...

    Hosing into a bike directly, which is what ive seen people do sometimes, isnt good. Getting water in the nooks and crannys...

    Did you forget? Rain falls down... not up... not sideways...

    And Andrew/typhoon... if your saying you pointed the hose at your bike at least 2 dozen times and its ok... then explain what happened to P_O_S's bike? :wink: Dont think it was from torrential rain...
  10. Maybe Paul, but a mains pressure car wash is very different to a 200psi pressure washer. You can do physical damage with one of those things.
  11. Get some kero in the tank (a cup-ish) to help get any water in there out.
  12. My ZZR was happy to be hosed and then ran fine. Was happy to be ridden in the rain to!
  13. He said powerhose people, some of those things kick out 200psi and will literally knock bits off your bike. Ride it in the rain, sheesh, read the OP.... :roll:
  14. Nope, here rain falls sideways most the time, or close enough too it. Damn cyclones. Seen rain go upwards as well, but that was deadset in the middle of a cyclone.
  15. Ok... for the dumbass's out there... DONT HOSE DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BIKES ENGINE OR ELECTRICALS, ETC. A light hose over your fairings, tank, etc to wash off soap or dirt should be ok, but better to use a bit of old fashioned 'elbow grease'. No, it cannot be purchased from hardware or auto stores. Your either born with it or your not or your just a panzy b1tch, (not meaning woman). Hoses, power nozels for hoses, etc however can be purchased... along with rain coats, gloves, etc incase your scared of getting wet or dirty. Alternatively, go to a CAR WASH and hose the sh1t out of your bike from a safe distance and hopefully you wont have any probs.

    I find the best way to wash your bike is by hand. I dont even bother with soap. Just water to get off surface dirt, mr sheen to polish it up a bit and get off the remaining crap and wd40 for the rims. And mcguires or armor all for the hoses, speedo, plastics (not fairings), etc. This also gives me a good chance to have a good look at the bike to make sure everything is as it should be. Oh... I forgot to mention, you will need some heavy duty soap or solvol to wash your hands off afterwards.

    To P_O_S, this is in no way directed at you. If anything, I hope you find this thread & NR to be a usefull website.
  16. The pressure wash should never go near your bike. It will blow lube from pivot points eg levers and gearshift and wheelbearings. Use it on your car only
  17. Yay! Someone else here with common sense...!
  18. Where it will do the same thing. :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Thinkyou mean metho. Kero and water dont mix.