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Probably should have seen this coming: Cut off so much hair my helmet feels odd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Might have to order a one-size-smaller liner set :-s

  2. how much hair are we talking?
  3. I didn't have to get a new helmet when I got my hair cut. And I lost a shitton more hair than you did.

    Give it a week though, because i do remember it feeling strange as.
  4. Hm, yeah, maybe it'll feel normal soon. I'd been considering a liner downsize anyway… my helmet uses the same size shell for L and XL, so if I decide I'd rather have L I just need to buy new liner and pads. We shall seeeeeeeeeee
  5. Half your luck then aye.

    Also, the cut looks good ;)
  6. Thanks for that ;)
  7. I shave my head and don't have this issue
  8. It's all in your head.....
  9. Ahh, the (good) old days of when I had long hair (all 'one length') and was a little bit further down than my butt. So I guess it was just over a decade it was in between hair cuts. I was a teen metal head, was happy that I could put my fringe in my mouth, kind of being able to eat it, even through I never did strangely enough ;) My hairdresser was my mates mum who lived locally and found out later, my mum had a quiet word to her (the hairdresser). Instead of a 'nice trim' to level things off, she cut my fringe about level with my eyebrows!

    That simply devastated this teen metal head ;) I vowed not to get my hair cut after that so it had been a LONG time (besides the short trims so my hair was 'level' length once it was past shoulder height) before I next went to a hair dresser. As said, it was over a decade and I went from "super long" to super short in a couple stages. We made a mohawk and cut it so it was about an arms length. We spent AGES putting in "hair cement" and various hair products to try to keep my hair vertical. Wasn't a great success so we shaved it all off not that long after, less than a day I guess? I kept a lock of my hair, no idea if I still have it, it's been about ~13 years or so since I initially shaved the hair all off so once again, I have no idea if I have any photos of that time frame in my possession still. I noticed on facebook some old mates have photos of me when I still had long hair, well, it was "only" half way down my back or thereabouts, I was not one back then for wanting to be in photos. The thought back then was the less the 'incriminating evidence', the better ;)

    But one thing, WOW.. Life was so much easier after shaving it off from LONG to "number 1" back then. No more spending ages in the shower washing the hair, no brushing hair out of my eyesight whenever there was wind, well besides the times I had my hair in a ponytail which I think back then, ended up being most of the time when it was near it's longest. Being able to "sit on ones hair" is a hassle each time I sat down to eat and the like. Ponytail was the order of the day and that's basically just like having short hair anyway imo, so off it went eventually :D
  10. Topic of the week.... Did you have a drug test due?
  11. I don't have that problem. :)
  12. Haha, scarier: The gf said "Cut your hair before I get there, or I'm going to do it whilst you sleep"
  13. what a biatch. you look good before and after. i say - do whatever you are comfortable with.

    i don't change my men.
  14. :rofl: I think she just wanted it a little more controlled, I don't think she was too concerned with the length. I was going to cut it anyway though, constantly getting my hair in my view when riding was starting to shit me to tears.
  15. meh, either or.
  16. Testing drugs doesn't require cutting your hair
  17. if ya lid feels extra roomy since your do, you might want to consider a thin balaclava..flea bay can sort you out with a silk/spandex one for about 15 bucks.I use one under my lid for the way I style my hair (very wide part) it also stops the build up of helmet mank.
  18. If you have a hair-based test, longer hair can give results from further back.

    I don't even know why I know that
  19. no 1 with the clippers... perfect helmet style.....:D