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Probably not what you're expecting...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by hornet, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. On Saturday my wife and I were in the car, going to a work Christmas party.

    We had occasion to have to do a U-Turn on a very wide road with heaps of visibility in both directions, the turn involving changing from going uphill to downhill, if you know what I mean.

    Both she and I checked twice that there was no traffic of any sort coming in either direction, and we turned. As I completed the turn a guy on a bike swerved out into the oncoming traffic from behind me and back into my lane. He then proceeded to stop at the traffic lights and abuse me for making the U-Turn.

    1. he was on P plates
    2. he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt
    3. he MUST have been doing sigificantly more than the speed limit to have arrived behind me as I completed my turn as he was nowhere to be seen when I started it.

    the first is irrelevant, except to highlight his youth and inexperience (I DID point out to him that I have been riding longer than he'd been breathing lol)

    the second is also irrelevant; if he wants to plaster his skin and blood along a road somewhere, I couldn't care less

    the third, however, points out the particular problem which has often been stated here; leaving aside that he is legally responsible for the vehicle in front of him, had he hit me, or a car in the oncoming lane, he would have continued to blame ME for his being in the wrong position, even though it was SOLELY his riding which would have been responsible.

    I KNOW plenty of riders have been hurt and killed in the U-Turn situation, but if we as riders arrive at a place on the road far earlier than other users have reason to believe that we would because we are travelling at far faster than the speed limit, or even the speed of the surrounding traffic, we cannot shirk at least some of the responsibiity for the results......

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  2. He sounds young and excitable.
  3. Have you got a street view of the place?
  4. Sounds like we should be re-testing old peoples driving ability. :p Where is the :bolt: emoticon when you really need it.
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  5. Mmm interesting scenario.

    So you were pointing uphill, were you near a crest by chance?
  6. My guess is that what the rider saw was a car making a u-turn and (I'm guessing) ending up somewhat to the left of the centreline, then proceeding to move off slowly (relative to their speed) whilst at the same time moving back towards the centreline. So effectively closing the narrow gap the bike was planning to use to pass and forcing them to overtake in the oncoming traffic lane or having to slow to your speed.

    I've been in similar situations and taken similar action. Difference being I've not seen a point in abusing the driver when there's plenty of alternative actions I could have taken, even if they do mean being stuck behind a car for a while. I save the abuse for those "special" drivers that have seen me, but decide there's enough time for them to make the u-turn anyway. :mad:
  7. That link doesn't work. On google maps you can't just cut and paste from the URL, you need to click on the link button.
  8. It doesn't. Copying the address in the browser bar won't work with google maps, you need to use the link button, which is next to the printer icon over on the left hand side toolbar.
  9. cazzo, yes there is a crest, but it was a long way away, and, as I said, there was no-one in view in either direction when I initiated my turn

    I take jd's point, and the point I made to him was that I was obviously making U-Turn and completing my turn, he put himself in danger by not waiting till I had done so.....
  10. I reckon he's come out of a sidestreet or driveway at the same time you've done the U-ey. Sounds like a case of both parties at fault to some degree.

    That roads too long for someone to have been speeding if you looked the way you said you did.
  11. Blind spot in the centre of your eye?

    I did this once (many years ago) to a push bike rider. doing a u-turn, did a head check and went. Only when I started moving did I see him.

    Because I was looking through one eye, the brain filled in the retinal gap.
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  12. Doesn't work (for me). Have you got a Google account to save the map to?

    In a sense, the issue of how much view was available, and even driver competence is a but of a furphy. There will ALWAYS be situations and that are less than ideal. It isn't going to get any better than the driver checking both directions twice.
  13. Read all the posts bro ;)

  14. And everyone has this blind-spot (just don't know it!).
  15. Obviously stereotyping. Why did you feel the need to tell him anything, is comforting or something?

    None of your business either. If you couldn't care less, why mention it as part of the story?

    Or is this to discredit the rider to make for a stronger arguement on your behalf?

    But this is the bit that I'm more concerned about. How do you know the rider MUST have been speeding? Sounds like a TAC ad campaign.

    I'm guessing like someone else has, the rider has pulled out of a side street or driveway and found himself heading toward someone doing a U turn. Shit timing on both parties behalf.
  16. P plater in shorts and Tshirt huh?? Might have been the same guy I nearly had stuffed in my tailpack yesty arvo on the M1. He came out from behind a car just as I changed lanes ... went past me on my left in my lane and all I heard was the howling R6 exhaust note :rolleyes:

    Sounds like you encountered a toolbag going faster than they could stop in the distance they could see to be clear.
  17. Sounds like a massive assumption
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  18. Yup ... just like everyone else is doing :p