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Probably not my best week ever...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. So I slide my bike the other week. Then on sunday I come home to find my cover has been stolen. So that night I get bad pains and go to hospital. Damn my appendix went bad (I blame waspy for having the same thing the day before I went to hospital, then telling me about it; I'm empathic ok! :D).

    So my appendix almost exploded apparently, so I only got out this morning. On several mountains of anti-biotics which seriously make me dizzy

    To add insult to injury, I came home to find that my bike had fallen over with the weather.

  2. man all you need is a kick in the nuts and you have it all... Its ok mate you get by and over it sooner or later...
  3. Did it at least fall on the same side you slid it on?
  4. Yeah - did you at least get some not quite as rotten luck as it coulda been? ...Bugger of a week. Hope you're out running amok again soon :grin:
  5. on the bright side... it's all over.. they reckon it happens in threes, so you've now got "karma credit"

  6. Your tax return's due soon too, dude! ;)

    That's a bummer Phizog. Still at least your appendix is gone and out of the way - just got tonsils and wisdom teeth left to go! :grin:
    And better your cover be stolen than the whole bike.

    Is your bike damaged?
    Make enquiries on the folks' house insurance - if it was parked in the carport or something like that, it might be covered... probly not, don't want your hopes sky high - but it's worth a phone-call to check. I know if a branch falls off one of your trees and hits your friend's car, it's covered under your house insurance.
  7. Glad you're on the mend Phizog

    Bummer about the bike getting scratched...twice
  8. back luck about the slide, bike fall over and the appendix.

    Did you slide after seeing me balst past at McCarrs the other week???? :LOL:

    It was probably the force of the sound barrier that knocked you off :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah seriously,

    Get well....................................get well and truly :LOL: :LOL:[joking]
  9. hey phizog, waspy just told me bout your appendix.....your bad luck for the week explains why you didn't also ride to the hospital like he did.....

    hope you get better soon.....

    take care.
  10. All you need is for your nuts to get caught in a vice and tightened til one pops.. over a time period of 30-40 hours.. Then you've almost had a week like I have had... by onr half ;)

    (Damn it sucks having explosive diarrhea for 24 hrs whilst you can't move your right arm due to being in shit loads of paid (pun intended!) and finding time to fight a case for a flicker who seems to have ran off with a $980ish product you purchased online and they deliver.. for 2 weeks. heh...

    Just trying to show you no matter what, others can and do have it far worse. Best of luck for you to get back to "100%"!
  11. Haha thanks guys, I'm working on getting some sort of appetite so I don't feel so crap all the time. I'm pretty sure bike was damaged on same side (left) when it fell, since that would make the most sense for it to fall. I think it was a combination of the wind and the dirt that is normally otherwise extremely compact and strong, no matter how hard its raining. It hasnt been started yet so I'll get dad to do that tonight. Also, since it fell onto dirt I'm hoping the damage was minimal. Wasn't in the carport though Ktulu, not enough room :'(

    Yeh Jeff, the 750 rumble blew me over :) I was pretty out of it when I rode past you, but I'm like 'cruiser, mccarrs, red helmet.. has to be Jeff' hehe.

    I figured riding to the hospital might not be a great idea due to the extreme nausea :)
  12. That's lucky!
  13. did someone kick you in the nuts yet?? :grin:
  14. Sorry, Phizog, but I immediately thought of Gary Larsen's classic cartoon of the deer with the bulls-eye on his side; "Bummer of a birth-mark, Hal!" :LOL:

    Mend up quickly, you and your bike.
  15. Oh you poor thing!

    You need to come up with a cool story like:
    "This ninja who was trying to assassinate me kicked my bike over, stole my bike cover and attempted to do a five-point palm strike over my appendix. Luckily I'm a master and I was able to thwart its effects in time."

    etc etc.

    anyway - I hope you get lots of icecream and a short recovery time until you can ride again!