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probably an extension of bad habits

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raffiki, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Well what an interesting morning it was for me on the ride in…

    /start of rant

    I pull-up at the t intersection near my joint and while waiting to turn right I start day dreaming about the yum cha and somewhat questionable company list night. mmmm yum cha. It takes a few seconds for me to register that the lights have changed, so I take off, look to my left, look to my right, OH PHARK!!! Some spastic in his sik vs commy with cut coils leisurely cruises through a red light somewhere in the vicinity of 120kph.
    Moral of the story is always look, I could have been a pancake served with a side of tomato sauce instead of maple syrup.

    Next I pull into the servo to top up the thirsty beast. While pulling out of the servo I had an encounter with another fine 4wd driver with a weeties licence. Imagine me sitting on the left waiting for some cars to pass, just as I go to move off mr 4wd thinks that it might be a good idea to overtake me on the right then cut me off.
    Moral of this story, that pissed me off. Me pissed off = angry riding.

    Just when I thought that was my bad karma for the day a latte driver (you know the coffee mug and donut freaks) decides that he doesn’t like the right lane because its to slow for him, so he better move over to the left lane where I am, and where the emergency lane isn’t. On the anchors, drop back, overtake on the right and greet him with the birdie.
    Moral of this story, now I am fuming = worse angry driving.

    By this stage I have become the wanker commy driver I met at the intersection at the beginning of my morning, 120kph on an 80 zone *tisk tisk*. So dodging and weaving through traffic I finally find my self in the middle lane with a truck up ahead, an excel following patiently behind and a tray top ute thingy in the right lane. Just as I approach the truck mr excel merges right to overtake (cuts me off yes, but I shouldn’t have been speeding). Truck on the left, excel in the middle, tray ute thing on the right, and nowhere to go. At this point in time I am realising that mr Darwin may be paying me a visit or dropping some hints ;) that and the fact the rear wheel is up in the air and trying to overtake the font, heart in mouth, dacks full and the stomach? Well it left the building long before… some how with the bike playing twister I pulled up a bees dick from the excel wondering how in the hell did I ever become randy? I mean everyone idolises him however I became him!
    Moral to this story, I am a pharking idiot who should be taken off the road. I don’t think I’ll ever pull a stunt like riding angry again. Woah…

    /end of rant

    So who else is guilty of letting other road users ineptitude get to you and then becoming like them? Or am I the only one :(
  2. i go crazy for a few seconds sometimes, but just being on the bike cools me down pretty quick. i get angry, fly for a second and then calm down and continue on my merry way with the helmet kareoke blasting away :D
  3. Yep been there and done that before. I now just shake my head count to ten and continue on in my unhurried way.
  4. Hi *angelic smile*

    Heading home last night and doing just a little more than the allowed limited on a *very* quiet FTG road .. I came to the sweeping bend at the base of the Hill in FTG it's where you can go right or left so I went right as I was heading to Belgrave and I was on the inside lane and putting along quite nicely WHEN this total wanka on his trail bike cuts on the INSIDE of me on the bend! Scared the beejeezers outta me as he came out of no-where?

    There would have been say ...3 feet between me and the SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN .. and the LEFT lane was clear????

    Grrrr that got me so angry I fanged it up the hill after him.. *call me crazy but the ol endorphins kicked in* ..(I know I should have just let it go but ... ) I pulled up next to him at the next set of lights and seeing he was all of 18, if that... I gave him my motherly advise *angelic smile*. He just stared at me with his eyes wide.... I then rode off feeling a lot calmer.

    I think he was waiting for my head to start spinning around. *I did adjust my neck bolts before riding off* :)

    Counting is a good thing to do to calm down .... breathing also helps *grin* slowwwwwwly, and sometimes I sing too. *angelic smile*
  5. It sounds like you had a lovely morning... Keep up the good work :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. I had a similar problem just today with the two second lapse in concentration. I was behind this white commo station wagon when we reach the mt dandenong/mountain hwy intersection. So I sit there waiting, and the car in front of the wagon moves up and turns left through the intersection.

    The intersection was now empty and the station wagon could have also turned as well. So he moves up, so I move up too. Now for some reason, I went to look around the intersection while moving expecting the station wagon to turn in as well.

    Well the wagon, he turned... then stopped suddenly for no goddamn reason! For that split second my concentration was away, I looked back and I was slowly but surely approaching his rear end. I grab the brakes and my front wheel started to shudder, trying to decide whether to lose grip or not.

    So stop a centimetre away from the wagon's rear bumper. Then what I would believe would be the slowest ever motorcycle drop from standstill. I put my left foot down too late, so the bike started to slowly tip to the left. I was fighting hard to keep her up, but it just kept getting down lower and lower. So I settled with dropping her gently by quickly moving my foot out of the way at the last second. So my bikes down, I'm half sprawled on the ground, the station wagon takes off without a care.

    I sighed, picked her up (always remember to bend at the knees). And rode for about 50 metres. Stopped, took off my gear, and sat down for a couple of minutes to calm down.

    Got back up, and assessed damage. Thankfully it was a very very soft drop. Paint is all okay, and only the front left indicator is a little grazed. Me, I have a sprained left wrist; probably from fighting the bike from going over.

    Anyways, always try to not get distracted when you're on the road.

    Ooh another story. Same thing once again. I was pulling up into maccas to park on the sidewalk next to a window. As I was coming from off the road onto the tiled pavement, some kid on the other side of the window started to maniacally jump up and down pointing. I looked up for a tiny fraction of a second, target fixation happened, then I went, "OMFG SHIT" as I started to approach the brick wall, grabbed the brakes and I started to slide across the tiles and then went 'donk'. My front wheel tyre lightly touched the wall. "Stupid kid..."

    So once again, always maintain concentration, and try not to get distracted.
  7. hey raffiki
    "circle of life"
    Hit them with your stick
    (lion king music playing in the background)
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: