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Probability of injury in a low speed low side?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by taiheung, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I know this is an extremely stupid question but I'm interested in what the sentiment is on the probability of an injury in a low speed low side? Conditions would be: public road, no contact with other vehicles, full gear.

    Also - it would be good to hear of people's experiences in this exact situation.


  2. As long as you didn't hit any roadside furniture, I'd estimate the probability as fairly low. I've dumped a bike in this manner, wearing boots, market stall jeans, gloves and an unarmoured leather jacket and suffered no more than embarrassment. It happened very quickly. One moment I was turning right into a T-junction. Next thing I knew I was sitting on the road watching my bike skitter away from me after the back wheel slid out.

    Like I said though, roadside furniture or another vehicle, and all bets are off.
  3. If you don't hit anything or land akwardly you are very likely to be fine.

    I've had 3 lowsides (one at 25kph, one at 50, one at 80-100) and luckily I didn't hit anything so I was fine all 3 times.
  4. just lost some skin where the kevlar rubbed otherwise fine. I came off on a right hander and somehow my left thumb took a good hit... guessing it was the bar n tank....

    Its not far to fall from a low side and as long as you don't try n hang onto the bike, should avoid serious injuries.
  5. Twice all at 30 or below - no injuries apart from usual minor scratches and bruises.. with leather pants there would have been 0 damage.
  6. Your leg could get trapped underneth the bike as its sliding.
  7. It's all in how you land...
    You can still land awkwardly enough to break a wrist, or collar bone for instance...not to mention copping a good hit on a knee or elbow.

    But land just right and you could feel next to nothing. (other than an ache or two the next day with a few bruises)

  8. So, are you planning on having one soon? ;)
  9. I busted a hand riding a CT110 and I challenged a tree on my RF900R and didnt get a scratch.

    Its in the lap of the gods how you come out of any off. Just try not to have one :wink:
  10. I saw a guy come off a PW50 and broke his collar bone. He was only doing 20 km or so.
  11. I fell off at low speed in my leathers in the wet. My wrist did swell up from a handlebar which had tried to crush it into the road but otherwise I was fine. However, I was acutely aware that without my leather pants, I would probably have ground off half a butt cheek.
  12. +1 Robbied, except two times for me, 30ish and 70ish km/h. ATGATT, not even a bruise. Didn't hit anything while sliding though...
  13. I'm qualified on this one, although I've probably been luckier than some.

    Over 25 lowsides at speeds from 30 to 80. There are the lowsides where you're already in a stable position at full lean, THEN it lets go. These are smoooth. Then there are the others where it lets go as you're throwing the bike into full lean, these can really hurt on the hips, shoulders, elbows as you slap down quite hard. Having the bike land on you also mightn't be nice if it's heavy and you're not wearing full length boots.

    The higher speed ones can still be a bit nasty if you flail about while coming to a stop.

    Keep your hands on the bars till you're on the ground, then get away from the bike. That may not be correct, but that's all that I try and do, and so far so good.. No proper injuries, just lots of bruises, tweaked muscles and a cracked rib once.
  14. man,my knees twinge everytime i read a thread like this.i really need to get some armoured textile pants.leather ones aint my thing.besides leather being thicker and slightly more 'absorbent',do textile ones offer the same protection in a slide?
  15. Quite possibly maybe... :bolt:
  16. Simple answer no. Leather is best
  17. Leather is by far the best thing to be wearing when the shit hits the fan...after binning my bike at about 100kmh and piledriving my left knee into the ground I WISHED I was wearing my leathers that day(Draggins are good but don't hold a candle to leather) :evil:
  18. I agree...did exactly that low speed low side landed awkwardly,ten screws and two metal plates later and my wrist is fine.
  19. Kevlar lining doesn't hold a candle up to a full leather suit.
    But some textiles such as Codura aren't half bad - that's the crap companies like BMW use in their gear.
  20. As with most things, it's all in the way you end it... I ended badly and broke the balljoint of my right arm :shock: (damn if I know how - all I remember is patch of gravel, OH S@#T, then I'm staring at the sky... and several very loud swear words were heard when I tried to get up).

    By contrast, the bike had very little damage (enough to hit a grand on insurance, but you can do that in a driveway drop!)