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Pro Hart dies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Oh Mister Haaaaaaaaart

    Story Here
  2. Those ads are the only place i have ever heard of him :roll:
  3. A wonderul Australian and a fine Christian man. He will be missed
  4. Sigh. What a mess.
  5. He was a wonderful australian I agree and we wont hold anything against him for being part of that devils brigade, the christians :evil:
  6. Is this thread serious or what?

    Whats goin on?
  7. His cleaning lady was estatic at the news.
  8. I assume serious, yet we see the lighter side...
  9. hahahaha
    "Oh mr Hart..... what a mess"
  10. i dunno and give up time to get some Mc Donalds
  11. My Dad has a Pro Hart oil on canvas. Maybe, one day, I will get something worthwhile in my inheritance. ;)
  12. Wow, that's profound :roll:
  13. Aaah Padros will you ever learn. :roll:
  14. A good Christian bloke, but he didn't mind questioning the tradition.

    A very talented man. I wish I had got to meet him.

    Someone said they only knew him from the carpet ad! Where have you been??!! He's one of our greatest artists. And a motorcyclist too I'm told.
  15. I like his stuff :) my mum has one of his paintings. she met him a couple of times - friend of a friend i think?
  16. poor bugga :( i think he was a genius really the way he did some of those paintings and how he came up with effects
  17. If you ever get out to Broken Hill, take the time to visit Pro Hart's gallery(along with the many others), and see what this genius did for Australian art.
    Not only what he painted himself, but the other famous artists he collected.
  18. Yep, that sounds like a great excuse for a ride!!!
  19. Absolutely!!! :grin: :grin: Have heard numerous good reports about Pro Harts gallery etc ... a run up there is definitely on the "todo" list :grin: