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Pro/Cons of removing Staintune Baffle - VTR 250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by oliver, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. I was going to post this in the modifications/projects forums, but seeing as though it seems every second poster in this forum owns a VTR 250 I thoght here would be appropriate.

    Yesterday I installed a staintune pipe on my VTR, looks the goods and sounds heaps better than stock. It's snowing outside at the moment so I've been unable to get out for a ride to have a good listen and to see how the bike feels. :cry:

    The staintune exhaust comes with a removable baffle my question is what are the pros and cons of removing the baffle.,

    - Sounds a bit louder ( always a good thing)
    - ?

    - Potentially dosn't run as good, something to do with less back pressure ( hopefully someone with a bit more technical knowledge can elaborate this)
    - ?

    Any other Pro or Cons or comments on whether to run it with the baffle in or out?
  2. You will have no problems whatsoever running it without the baffle except maybe the police (noise). The baffle is designed as optional.

    P.S. If I was you I'd be snowboarding down the street by now :) . How much are you guys getting?
  3. feels a little more responsive without it in to be honest

    and yeah its louder, you'll need earplugs

    i like it cause its not stupidly offensive but if you're not sure the driver near you has seen you a little stab of the throttle and they'll most likely hear you, i like to think this has saved me a few times now

    for that exact reason an off duty policeman (friend of friend) told me i'm probably better off with it out, he'd rather hear a noisy little 250 than scrape me off the road cause 'someone didn't see me'
  4. Leave it out, should sound sick! :grin: My mates VTR250 has a custom shorty muffler on it, no baffles. Sounds extremely tough(for a 250) It's fairly loud, but its not an "annoying" sort of loud, just sounds nice. His bike runs great with it, no problems what so ever.
  5. The scene: Cumberland Junction half way between Reefton & Marysville (east of Melbourne), me & 4 mates are pulled over to have a break & regroup as our bike ticked themselves cool.
    In the distance we hear this heavy low-pitched roar, undoubtly a twin, but it was reving out nicely to what sounded like 10,000rpm & the sound boomed off the trees.
    It was getting nearer & we're all expecting some Ducati 998R or SP2 by how the engine roared through the rev-range between the gear changes, but wouldn't you know it, it was a Honda VTR250 with an open 'can' (straight-through perforated core exhaust).

    Sounded wicked.
  6. My Spada has a modified VTR250 Staintune pipe on it. I rode it with the baffle on for a short time. One day whilst I was on a groupo ride, one of the riders removed the baffle. It sounds so much better.

    Whilst idliing, the bike is quiet, once I blip the revs, it sounds very nice. Everyone loves the sounds of my pipe. I would not like to ride with the standard stock pipe. It's too quiet.
  7. I have a KLR650 with a Staintune Exhaust and no baffle...

    With the baffle in it whistles... being a big single it isn't very smooth so all the gas comes out in puffs, and it whistles...

    With the baffle out, it is offensively noisy... it sets of car alarms in carparks... on the video posted of everyone leaving loftus for the learners ride it is WAY more noisy than anything else... the plate on the muffler says 97dB with the baffle, so I am guessing it would be more like 103dB (4 times more noisy than legal)...

    I am careful to use very low acceleration when passing cops in traffic, because it isn't too bad at idle, just when you are on the gas (at all)...

    I will one day get someone to make a baffle half the difference between Standard and none, but until then I will be very noisy and my mates will give me grief about it :) ...

    I don't mind noisy, but at the moment it is Harley loud, and that just makes you look like you are going through a mid life crisis...

    I am also an agedly enhanced rider, so count on the fact that most cops would give me a warning, when they would give a younger rider a ticket... see paragraph above...

    Performance wise, if the exhaust is a restriction on how quickly the gases can escape, it will give you better top end... less down low...

  8. I have a VTR250 with a staintune and the baffle is out. I often get compliments on how nice it sounds, and also how very un-250 like the sound is. For me the noise does grow a bit tiresome on longer rides, even with a good set of earplugs. And I often wonder if riders behind me find it annoying.
    I can't comment on if the bike performs better with the baffle in, I haven't tried it.
  9. i jsut realised i can get a can for my VTR now, im only getting 3rd party, so performance mods (sprockets, exhaust etc) aren't a problem insurance wise anymore :grin: :grin: :grin:

    crap now i need even more money i dont have :LOL:
  10. Prob loose a little low end, making your take off's a little slower and might gain a little top end helping you accelerate from speed quicker, back pressure can be your friend or your enemy getting it right is part of tuning.