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Private tutition pays dividends

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by AdamR33, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I failed my first learners test by running wide on a turn. I wasnt confident in doing right hand turns, left was fine. Not sure why that is, something to do with left and right handedness?

    I passed all but the last test. Instant fail.

    Went back tonight for 2 hours of private tutition and test and happy to say that I passed! :D

    In addition to that I also learnt a bucket load about riding, the practice and test only took up the first hour and after that I moved onto more advanced things like slaloms, figure 8s, and a long course that involved multiple corners where i had to accell, then brake before almost a hairpin then to the next corner.

    Cut a long story short I am glad I failed the first time in some way because otherwise I wouldnt have had the extra tutition. Probably would have done all my learning on the open road which is probably a dangerous way in some cases. At least now I have a better foundation for when I tackle the real road and really start learning.

    So the moral of the story is for newly learner riders is to get some one on one tutition. Even if it costs an extra $$ it can be well worth it.

    Thanks for listening
  2. Congratulations Adam :cool: :grin:

    It does pay to have extra tuition or do advanced training courses. You will learn heaps more than just doing the licencing procedures.
  3. Why do a course/get more riding instruction when you can buy an $800 helmet instead?! :LOL:
    Everyone knows they're a waste of money if you are on a sports bike, as you have all teh mad skillz already. :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Good on ya.

    Personally I think anyone who takes a bike out on the street without being fully confident and having learnt to use all the controls like second nature is a bit of a dill.

    Learning in a closed circuit or offroad is great, no pressure from traffic and usually only yourself to hurt if you screwup.
  5. Congratulations on passing!

    I'm going to see about private tuition too. I've had my second big stack in as many months and no longer see the point in continually learning lessons the hard way when it could eventually kill me if I can just cough up some $$ and learn from someone else's experience.

    Besides, if I shell out some $$ now on lessons, hopefully it'll mean I'll stop having to shell out $$ on parts and painkillers.
  6. If you have the room in your backyard is enough, or live in the right sort of area that it won't bring you trouble in a park or something and about a spare $1000.

    Buy yourself something like a little XR100 or XR80 and ride it around your backyard or in the park.

    All the basic controls are the same as any big bike, you're just missing lights and indicators etc.

    You can putter around in the backyard on these little fourstrokes and in no time become very efficient at using throttle, gears and brakes.
  7. well done but training is something worth continuing with. a lot of experienced riders have a yearly "check up".
  8. Adam,

    Congrats for passing and well done mate for sharing the experience.

    I recommend getting onto as many skills courses as you can afford while you're bedding down your skills... that way bad habits are ironed out early and when you're out trying stuff, you're trying the stuff you've been properly shown.

  9. congrats on the pass adam!

    i definitely know what you mean with those 'banana' bends. when i got my l's recently thats what worried me.. the whole keep your head up thing made it worse IMO but i suppose that's what you would do in the real world.

    just out of curiousity, where did you get your extra tuition from and how much did it set you back?
  10. Thanks for all the congrats.

    Yeah i can see riding is something that you never stop learning on. I think when I get my own bike I will check out some more courses.

    I did my training at Motorcycle Motion. Not sure on how much exactly the 1 on 1 tutition was because there was a test fee included. Either way it was $130 for the whole 2 hours using their bike.
  11. hart run 1 1/2 hour practice sessions for $60-$70. not quite individual tuition but close.
  12. Congrats Adam! I was in the same situation with you at first, I haven't resat for my L's test yet, but I have taken practice lessons so hopefully all goes well with me too :)

  13. That's a bargain Adam, I am paying $150 for 1 hour of tuition.
  14. I can certainly vouch for HART. I failed the two day course the first time due to nerves and rain, stalled the bloody thing at the start of the slowride. Went back last Thursday for a practice session and retest, and although there were 4 others in the group, it was pretty much a free for all and covered what ever we needed. Come an hour later, everyone including myself passed, all with perfect scores and no non-criticals. Pretty damn awesome and well worth it.
  15. I just said this on another post. Private 2 hour lesson with Motorcycle Motion is $115 - and worth every cent :)

    Practice is what all learners need, wish there were big car parks or industrial places around where I live to learn...but their aint so its straight onto the highway for me :( But I am taking it easy and slow and riding my scooter rather than a manual bike till I know how to ride well. THEn going back for private lessons again later to get on a manual bike. But I am in no hurry.

    YOur perception changes a little once you learn how to ride and get your skills up. Sat on a peeah's borrowed CBR today and it wasn't nearly as scary as my first time I sat on one - LOL :)
  16. When you've let that knowledge seep in for while check out the intermediate coarse at HART. Amazing how much you improve in one and and a hell of a lot of fun just running the coarse over and over again at the end of the day pushing yourself and improving each lap. As soon as the adrenaline wears off you will be totally stuffed and still grinning like an idiot.