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Private Show

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dazzabee, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Happy New Years everyone!

    I headed out for a country ride yesterday after having a go at repairing my fuel pump. Had a great time and decided to check out an area I've always wanted to photograph. Had a go at doing a time lapse with the GoPro that didn't work out at all and actually forgot to take my trusty backup camera with me. Doh! So I took some photos with the iPhone instead.

    The results are posted on my blog at http://dazzab.id.au with the title 'Private Show'.

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  2. Damn ! And here was I...thinking 'Private Show' was related to something else...erm.. wrong website :rofl:

    Very nice pics and documented rides mate ! Twas a pleasure to browse through your link.
    Happy New Year to you and all in your life.
  3. Got to admit... I entered the thread for the same reason..
  4. Some nice shots there Dazza. Particularly like the storm clouds brewing ones :)
  5. A shame the time lapse didn't work out - it looked promising. However, great photos!

    I often think I need to spend more time just sitting in places when on a ride.
  6. And I had some monopoly money to pin to his.....oh..I think I misinterpreted the title....lol
  7. Cheap-skate ! (Kidding)

  8. Haha...on the back of Christmas that's the best I can do...lol
    I think even if I tucked my credit card in it would bounce anyway
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  9. some nice looking rides. I have also been exploring vic over the past few months and am starting to run out of places (tassie is next on my list methinks).

    Where was the photo at the top of your blog taken? looks awesome!
  10. That was taken at Devil's Marbles in Northern Territory heading home from the Black Dog Ride. I keep it there to remind me of the most awesome ride I've ever been on.

    Indeed, that blog was set up specifically for the Black Dog Ride. If you click the links back to the beginning there's a lot of stories about the ride and what happened over the two weeks. That was in 2009. I also went in 2010 but had to turn back at Port Augusta due to illness. I'm already planning for 2011 and I'm going all the way this time!