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VIC Private Seller Lied To Me About Bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Disco Spider, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. So, as some of you may be aware, I've recently bought my first bike. I went through and serviced the bike completely myself, and to my genuine surprise, there's only one single bolt that's damaged.

    So imagine my shock when i went to rego the bike, and I found out it was a statutory write-off.

    The seller provided me with the wrong VIN number.

    I looked up the wrong VIN on the PPR before buying the bike, and it said "nothing was found" (The PPR is a horrible system, as at this time, it didn't even mention that this false VIN has never existed, at all)

    I have a signed note from the seller for the transaction, where he's signed off on the wrong VIN, meaning that the bike I have, is not technically the bike he agreed to sell to me.

    I'm not somebody who would enjoy taking this to court, or heckling somebody for money, but the extra paperwork is going to set me back $700+ not to mention, the extra 3 weeks i'm having to wait simply to see if i'm even eligible for a RWC..

    So what kind of action can I take / would people recommend?
  2. You can register a stat wrote off bloke.....

    Sweet and easy, take it back to the dick head an tell him to refund your money or legal action will be taken and also possible police action.

    Wait for Justus and he will give you great advice, he's a champion and knows his shit :D
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  3. Have you spoke to the seller yet? That would be my first port of call, if no love. I don't know if involving the Police will help, but well worth making a report so you have documented proof. If you get a good cop they may even pay him a vists.
  4. You can't register a statutory write-off in NSW...
  5. Should have been more careful when you bought it
  6. solicitor time
  7. No point going to the police, they can't do anything as it's a civil matter between him and the seller (assuming a private sale, trader is a different story) and if the guy won't refund the money which is very likely, then he'll have to pursue him in small claims court or however you do it in your state.

    Out of interest how different is the VIN he gave you to the actual VIN? Is it just one digit out or completely incorrect?
  8. You can't register a Statuatory write off in any state of Australia. NSW is special in that there is nothgin but Statuatory write off's anymore. Pretty stupid really.
  9. What kind of bike was it? How much did you pay? If its a decent sport bike ill give you $1000. Non registerable but cheap track bike :)

  10. He did do a online inspection to Check if it was written off, but the vin was different. Is kind of his fault for not checking the vin for himself and checking.

    If you had spent lots of $$ for it, time or legal action, if it was only like $200 then just track it mate ;)
  11. Have you also checked the correct VIN to see if it's ever been reported stolen, or is that covered with what you've done now?

    If you jumped through that hoop with the wrong VIN then regoed it with the corrected one, it might be able to slip through the cracks.

    Either way, I'd be looking to light a fire under the seller if they intentionally gave you false VIN.
  12. You did not check the VIN on the bike I presume?

    The seller emailed/told you the VIN or something like that? Every car/bike I have ever sold, even to friends, they check the VIN number on the vehicle, they take a pic or write it down then do their checks.

    So, what did you buy, how much, etc...
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  14. Caveat Emptor
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  15. You should have some recourse via Civil Legal channels as what you paid for isn't what you got.
    Eg you have a contract to purchase a bike with a different VIN number.
    Ring the seller and demand a full refund.
    If they are not forthcoming then mention the term 'Fraud'
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    Thanks for all of the feedback, but I've had an EPIC Seniors Moment.

    the bike isn't a statutory write-off, it's a Repairable write-off

    tried to fix the original post, but i can't edit it for some reason.

    Have since been in touch with the seller, he seemed genuinely surprised, and says he intends to help cover the costs of the VIV Inspection, which is clearly a good sign. Although I'm now facing two concerns:

    Will I have any problems with insurance once it's all been sorted out?

    And this information about VIVs:
    I don't have ANY idea what's even supposed to be wrong, let alone photos of anything, does this mean I won't be able to get a VIV?

    Thanks for the help!
  17. check with vicroads? it may have been registered and someone else has gone through that
  18. Have you punched the actual VIN into a check? Or previos rego? What state are you in?
  19. Yeah, I have, and I'm from VIC.

    The official excerpt from the PPSR:
    Written off: Collision, VIC, 21 Dec 2007, Economic Repairable Write-off
    Stolen: no data