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Private sale ettique

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aheung, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. just put my bike on bikesales and gumtree this arvo, and had 5 sms/calls by 10pm.
    am i doing something wrong? i was just trying to be courteous to the people who are interested and making offers.

    after some pre-lim msg about time and location this is one of a few similar transcripts/calls:

    Buyer: if i bring $xxxx cash would you take it?
    Me: Sorry no. Have to wait to see what the person on Friday is willing to pay as well. They also are very keen. they requested inspection first.
    Buyer: $xxxx+200
    Me: Appreciate the offer. But sorry, I'll let you know after the other inspection on Fri.
    Buyer: That's not really fair. If you won't take $xxxx+200 tomorrow morning then I'm not waiting.
    Me: Ok Sorry about htat, the other person got in just before you. youonly need to wait one day. i'll check with them what they are willing to pay.
    Buyer: Should be 1st to come, not first to call. 1st to come with money is buyer.
    Me: Ok the other guy is willing to pay asking price.
    Buyer: I'm not playing the bidding game. $xxxx+200 tomorrow is my final offer. That's it.
    Me: Ok Sorry I'll have to go for the $asking price offer. Come at lunch time to inspect if you are still interested.
    Buyer: if you are going for the offer offer why would i come?
    Me: Just thought i'd give you a chance to have a look, may be beat offer? No matter. Goodbye, appreciate your interest anyway.
    Buyer: Don't contact me if the other buyer is bullshiting you!!!

    after this, i received a couple more similar message/calls. accusing me of being unfair by not accepting their offer by waiting out for higher but uncertain inspections.

    tell me i'm not missing something here?!!
    i don't remember being like this when i bought my bike!

    :-s :confused:
  2. I blame TV for making certain people think they can negotiate a "bargain", then immediately on-sell for a profit.

    If your asking price was reasonable, and they're offering something well below it, just tell them nicely which end of a pineapple they can go f*&k themselves with and don't lose any sleep over it :).

    Both my current bikes I bought from private owners for the asking price, and in both instances the owners had been offered much lower amounts but fortunately (for me and them) decided to hold out.
  3. They usually offer you more than the asking price, and could you send back the extra, and they come from Nigeria,

    I had two arguing over a couple of panels I had for sale, The first one got it because he was first, even tho the second one offered more,

    Your doing it right,
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  4. Do they realise you ride a ****ing preying mantis ??? Idiots...don't know who they are messing with...best of luck with the sale mate
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  5. Watch out for the guys who work on the oil rigs, biggest scam around.
  6. You get a lot of wankers when you try to sell. I was (regrettably, but forceably due to financial desperation) selling my very well running GR650 for $1500 once. I stated that it needed a new front tyre to pass RWC. One fellow was trying to argue that I needed to drop the price significantly because a new front tyre costs $600. He wouldn't hear otherwise. Another wally from W.A. ear-bashed me 20 minutes about how he would like to buy it (tyre kicking style) only to tell me at the end of the call that "It's a bit bloody pricey!"

    It's not up to that wanker to set the terms of your sale. He sounds like a kinder-gardener.
  7. I wold just tell everyone that firs to see the bike and hands over cash gets it. If they cant prioritise their schedule to get here until friday thats their problem. That is how most people do it as well which is why all your buyers are going wtf at you.

    If you have 5 callers in a day you have priced it right, i would just tell them to come down and look at it and negotiate then but I wouldnt budge much. Tell them that its a fair price and there are other interested parties. Probably give away $100 just for their ego.
  8. Money talks bullshit walks. First to hand cash over owns it, pretty simple. If someone is keen enough they'll make the time to see it.
    When I sell items and someone wants me to hold off, I make it very clear. If someone comes out before them and they buy it, bad luck. You can't hold onto items hoping they will come out, chances are they wont or bust your balls to drop the price.
    And don't negotiate over the phone make them earn any discount.
  9. Your the seller and you have the power to control the sale. As cazzo said. Money talks bullshit walks. Dont feel pressed to sell it to the 1st Dhead that comes by.
    Yes we live in the world where wanna bees think the internet /SMS can rule the world but were not there yet
  10. The dealerships are usually the ones texting you the low ball offers (ill give you xxx cash and pick it up today) If you're desperate you'll take it.
  11. You've got more patience than I do OP. Is have ended that message convo a lot sooner.
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  12. I reckon you are doing it right. Thats certainly the way I do it because the first guy to show up is usually just the closest.

    First to enquire should get first crack IMO, not just the first to show up. There could be many circumstances why a person cant look at it straight away. The main thing to establish is that if a person needs a couple of days or even a week to get things sorted, you need to establish how genuine he/she is.

    I sold a ute from my house in Mackay to a young fellow in Woolongong. He obviously couldn't come around to tyre kick on the same day he contacted me.
    We negotiated over the phone, I sent him as many pics as I could and was 100% honest with any faults or issues with it ( the ute was 18 months old and had 40K on the odo so there nere no real issues). We established a price we found both acceptable and went from there.

    During the negotiations, he told me he couldn't get time off work for 2 weeks to fly up and then drive it home but it was very obvious he was a serious buyer as he offered to pay me over $1K just to hold it for him. I declined the offer, telling him that his offer to pay something up front was good enough for me. I asked him to let me know his flight details as soon as he booked his flight instead.

    I held the ute for him, picked him and his girlfriend up from the airport. Took him for a drive in the ute. He loved it and left an hour later for his trip south, both of us happy.

    Now put yourself in that young blokes shoes if I were just some asshole who sold it out from under him after he paid for flights, etc, just because someone who was local walked up and offered me the same money before his flight arrived. Not cool!
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  13. I have not sold a motorbike but have sold lots of other things including a car and I just sell to whoever offered me the price I wanted first. Whoever enquires first doesn't really matter to me as I don't feel it is my job to wait for buyers if they can't look at the thing I am selling for a few days. However if someone has inspected something and commits to buying and gives a date for the sale, if someone else comes along I won't sell it to the second person and will stick with the sale agreement.

    Although a seller can sell to whoever they want and I wouldn't question them like you got in your messages, I would be annoyed as a buyer if I could inspect and buy something immediately and they said they had to wait for a few days until someone else who inquiried got to look at it.
  14. You're doing it right - prob abit too honest.

    No point giving them every single detail about other bidders etc. Just tell them the price is too low and that's it. You receive the offers and you decide - only you need to know what's going on.

    That way you have the option with the offers.
  15. Agree with most of what has been said here.

    Simple equation is that first person with the right price, gets the object.

    Buyer doesn't want to do the bidding thing? Well go somewhere else then.

    Can't make it for a week? That's fine, but if someone comes in meantime, they have just as much opportunity to buy.

    This just appears to be buyers trying to bully their way to a result. If they don't like it - they don't have to bid (and those who don't like it, you probably don't want anyway - so it is a good vetting process).
  16. First in (with the cash), best dressed!

    I would however prioritize a first caller if he can view the bike within a reasonable time frame (24 hours). Just set the the next viewing time after the previous viewing, and if the first guy happens to purchase, let the next guy know it's been sold and tell him not to bother.
  17. I'm all for gentlemen's agreements. If a man isn't as good as his word then what is he? By telling the first caller he was able to view on the day he wanted to and get first chance to decide, you should stick to that agreement. If you had told him you're happy for him to look whenever he was able to but if someone else came before him with the money then they could buy it, those would have been the conditions of the agreement and that would have been the risk he was taking.

    Just tell the lowball guys to F off - as said before, they're probably salesmen from dealers.
  18. the lowball guy ended up meeting my asking price via text after midnight asking me to show him bike in the morning.
    i found the message before i left for work. told him not to come as i had made other arrangements.
    he replied with a very nice:
    "go **** yourself idiot! thats no way to do business"

    didnt know i was supposed to run my life/schedule around rude pushy doushbag trying to buy my bike.

    dont care 1st call or 1st with money. i dont want to deal with someone like that!
  19. Good call - you will find a lot of businesses won't deal with people acting like that. Probably for the best too - after the sale could have been messy
  20. Nothing wrong with what you did, but like someone else said you don't have to give other buyers all the details. Next time just say you're not available until whatever day ( after the first inspector)