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Private Roads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. I've been getting a bit frustrated lately. I spend an hour or two pre-ride plotting out a good route to go exploring on the Strom using Google Maps for roads and satpics and then double check it using some detailed maps and software that came with the GPS(Magellan explorist 600). I then program it into the GPS via the laptop. I try and get right off the beaten track taking back roads between major routes eg. back of Canberra through the Brindabellas meeting up with the Snowy Mountains Highway halfway between Tumut and Adaminaby.

    So I start getting out into the middle of nowhere and come to a turn only to find it is marked with a big sign "Private Road. Trespassers will be prosecuted". In some cases I have had to backtrack 100km or take a dogleg route that adds an hour to the day.

    Is there some way of finding out that a road on the map is public or private? What I really need is a map that marks out where the private access gates are so that I don't plan my route down them. Any ideas?

  2. Sorry I'm not sure.

    Perhaps a can of spraypaint so you can deny you saw any such signs.. :p
  3. Never heard of anything that could assist in your deleamour....however, you could just ride through and duck all the shot gun pellets?? :LOL:
  4. Many backroads have these signs. However, a lot of them are actually bollocks. If the road you are travelling connects to an area you are legally allowed to travel, then you have what is called 'right of way'.
    Obsentsibly this means you can use the road as long as you don't deviate onto actual property there is no issue.

    So why are they there. A lot of farmers and property owners don't like traffic, so they erect these signs, even after you have travelled 20km's inbound.
    However you can check with the ACT lands department for confirmation.
  5. I'd just use the road mate if you know it connects through to another and not worry about it.

    As long as you aren't causing too much trouble on the way through what's the harm..?
  6. Although do look out for 'gates' and 'fences'. They can often be setup across back roads to keep cattle in. I wouldn't like to see anyone hit one at speed.

  7. yeah, it sucks, i know :(
  8. I know you can get those maps, not quite sure where though. While I was in Walcha in Jan I was talking to some guys on a dirt road trip, they had a map that showed what roads were private/public, as well as locked/unlocked gates.
  9. And if locked, do what telstra/optus do. cut a link adjacent to the farmer's padlock, and reattach using your own... :LOL:

    Then duck the shotty pellets....

  10. This is what I was wondering. It is marked as a "Road" and on all the maps is considered a major unsealed road. Which is why I was a bit pissed off. I wasn't picking some faint, hillbilly-scribbled line on a map. In this case I got them back though as they pulled out of the "private" road just before I turned around. I caught up with them and then overtook on the dirt which of course left them in a shower of dirt and rocks.
  11. Only with permission and the land owner is usually well compensated for the use of their land.
  12. If you can get your hands on CFA maps, they usually have all the private vs public roads and the gate locations. (and also all the water storage areas)
  13. just dont come off as you may find your insurance company wont cover you on a private road if you dont have permission