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Private or Dealer?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shady_knife, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. basically going to be upgrading to a Honda CBR600RR soon.

    had a run of bad luck with my current bike, so my dad suggests i go with a dealer when buying the next one so i get a warranty and the assurance that its been looked over by mechanics, the bike at the dealer (Peter Stevens) is an 2006 Honda CBR600RR for $10,500 on road.

    or would i be better off waiting and snapping up an 07 or 08 Honda CBR600RR for around the same price from private sale? can there be many problems with a bike thats only a few years old?

  2. Eternal question with no definitive answer.

    Only thing to be sure of from your post is not to trust the mechanics at PS for anything, let alone thoroughly checking and fixing issues on a bike they are trying to sell.

    I'd go private, and get something less than 24 months old so still some factory warranty. Get a pre-purchase inspection done if you're concerned.
  3. You will definately pay more for the same bike through a dealer, but probably will get a bike thats had most of its major faults fixed, whereas that might not be the case privately. I would suggest that you get your own mechanic to go over any bike regardless of where you buy it.
  4. There is no statutory warranty requirement on used motorcycles in Victoria - no matter how much you paid.

    Make sure you get any dealer warranty agreement in writing before you pay for it and go through it carefully.
  5. :rofl:the assurance that its been looked over by the mechanics at Peter Stevens

    i'd rather have the assurance that they hav'nt laid a finger on it
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  6. I have recently been bike hunting and i have to say that Private is much better.

    At a dealership your paying anywere between 500-1000 just because its a delaership,

    Also dealers will tend to say anything to make you purchase the bikes, private people tend to be more honest.

    although if you need warranty and or finance then a dealership is probably the way to go.
  7. I went with a dealer because I couldn't be arsed trying to sell my old bike... After it taking over 6 months to sell my old car so I could buy the bike in the first place, I had no interest in going through all that again... Road worthy's fixing stuff up, another road worthy, for sale ads, test pilots that would be hard pressed to get a job as a cabbie.

    Thats my take on it.
  8. Looking into buying my first new bike soon, what are you thoughts?

    Buy from a dealer? or a personal seller?
  9. I'm looking too after I get my Ls.
    I think it really depends. If you go to a dealer, it will be registered + RWC however you will probably pay more than buying privately. However if you know what you're looking for and know how to inspect a bike (or bring someone with you who knows how to inspect and what to look out for) then buying privately will be better and will save some $$$.
  10. Tell us more about what you mean by "better".
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  11. Better value for money, having less issues with the bike, warranties, reliability, etc...
  12. Nup, I'm still none the wiser.
  13. I hate sales people and avoid them at all costs.
  14. Okay, lets say youre about to buy your first every bike! Where would you buy that bike from? A dealer or a personal seller?
  15. That would depend on a number of factors. What I don't understand is what you mean by saying that buying privately you get, Quote, "Better value for money, having less issues with the bike, warranties, reliability, etc..."
  16. You'll get mix responses there since everyone will have their own reason for getting THAT first bike. I am looking for a cheap bike to practice on so for me dealer or private, it doesn't matter.
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    Oh no I'm not saying thats what you get if you buy privately.
    Those are just some things one might consider if they will buy privately or through a dealer - and the main reason why i stated that was to state some factors of why one might consider buying through a dealer OR a private seller.

    Oh cool man! Good luck with everything :)
    Yeah I'm thinking of buying privately and getting a mate of mine to inspect the bike before i buy it. But I'm a very paranoid person so i decided to drop a new thread!
  18. Paranoia and motorcycling rarely mix
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  19. Only when it comes to losing money for me