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Private Investigator

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PJ2, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Private Investigator - Is anybody one or know of one ?

    I'm maybe looking to get started in this industry and have got a couple of queries to be answered.

  2. Fire at will, what do you want to know?
  3. uh vic.... i think you might have got the initials on your licence wrong ... I know it says PI but that stands for "pants investigator" not private investigator
  4. I haven't done much research yet, as I am waiting to see if I get accepted into another position first.

    But, bit of background information first. I have always wanted to be Police officer but only being 19 and having spoken to a large amount of Police officers they have suggested waiting 2 to 4 years to gain some 'life experience'.

    So I guess my first question would be; As I am only 19 is this a major negative in finding work ? (I suppose the training companies would just take your money, even if they think that you won't find work) .

    Second Question, How hard is it to get work at the end of the course ? (competitive)

    Third question, In relation to the age question's would it be possible for companies pair you with a more experienced PI, (Sort of like a trainee sort of thing, but after completing the training yourself.

    Any other information would be great.


    Edit: Just read Eswens post. After writing all that, and you were proberly joking
  5. well from all that I have heard of, most/all PI's have been ex police or so who have lots of contacts and experience from their policing years to give them the know how and stuff to be a P.I. I think being in a law or military job for a (long) while should be a pre requisite for thi skind of work?
  6. Ummm, it's not a set of figures that indicate when you are ready to joing the force. It comes down to a level of maturity that is required to remain in the force. Me, personally, I'm a clown, a jackass, I always piss-fart around and to most that would see me ousted as I would be seen to not take it seriously, for a cop anyway.

    No, your age would not be a deterant in fiding PI work. More in the next answer.
    Yes, training companies wont give a rats-fat if you arent suitable, they will just take your money.

    Work is out there, but remember that YOU need to source it. You will need a webfright, contacts, newspaper ads, YOU need to sell yourself.
    You can however be fortunate and score a job with a PI firm.

    Dependant on the company. It's highly unlikley, it's like a patrols officer. You are cheaper and more cost effective when you work one-up as opposed to being paired.

    The cost of the course is ~$2,500. A lot of money to outlay for a piece of plastic that gives you no more powers than a civilian. The only advantage is that the cops leave you alone when you are reported as a "suss-loiter"

    re the eswen post, she was being jovial, I wasn't joking.

    Hope that helps you some.
  7. Thanks for your help Vic.

    I research the job a bit more during the week
  8. If you decide to do the course, let me know and I'll put you onto a good instructor.