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Private Health Insurance-What 2 get?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by heregoes, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Had a look search through the form but did not find anything on this so if there is something i will apologise in advance...

    Anyway, i am about to get out on the road on something that has a lot of damage potential :eek:wned: so i think now would be a good time to sort out health insurance. :deal:

    So what does everyone have now, what should i be looking for in cover and anyone got any recommendations, I am thinking about Medibank Private My Options cover at $55 per month.
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  3. Thanks for the link, but they keep quoting me like 150+ a month in the budget section! That is three times the cover that i have seen at the Health Insurers Website?!?
  4. I think ours is something 150 a month? Anyway, i can tell you, make sure you get one that covers MASSAGE then every second Friday on the way home from work stop and get a massage from a hot massuse at your local chiro or health club :)
  5. Im only speaking for myself here, but I used to have the so called "top cover" with all the lights and buttons, from one of the top listed insurers :?

    But still had to pay out F/in 1000's to make up the difference when my late wife got crook. Another family member went though the same illness but though the public system, Got the same care AND doctors but didn't cost them a cent ! :evil:

    As a result i'll never get private health ins again, it may be ok for short stays in hosp and for minor stuff... dental / glasses etc
    But mention the "C" word and/or long term illness and all of a sudden you find that there is big gaps in the private covers.

    I now just bank my 150 a month in a seperate account and that more than covers any dental and glasses etc i may need.

    my 2cents worth :p
  6. Same, never made a claim for 5yrs and when i did i regret it.
    An extra 3k and mountains of paperwork.
    never again.

    It's good if you need things like glasses, dental, knee reco. But as for accidents the nearest hospital will fix you.

    Best advice is too get ambulance cover, Even a short trip is $300+
    $55 singles, $110 families per year.

  7. Yeah it's odd - my recent cancer treatment was almost entirely through the public system. Everything happened reasonably quickly and was totally free.

    The only real costs were when I went to get a second opinion and try to hurry things along a bit at a private hospital... The same doctor turned up as I'd seen back in the public system, confirmed what he'd told me, and said it was no quicker being in the private system.

    I had some tests done and got a huge bill.

    Bugger that for a joke, unless you're waiting for non-emergency surgery or something I reckon it might be a waste of time.