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Private Club day at PI

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mmamster, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. I was at Pi on Monday and a guy told me a motorcycle club had hired the track wed and thurs this week, the 3rd and 4th. He told me the club name but I have forgotten - any one know what club it is and have more info?


  2. I was told it was organized by a bike shop from Adelaide, by a guy who is down there.
  3. That's correct sweetie today and tomorrow and they are based in the city of churches.
  4. id love to know how much they paid
  5. Sweetie plenty, the more you have the cheaper it is, darlings the hirers would take turns at marshaling. However they would also have to pay for the Medical Centre Staff and Ambulance.........when I tootled out of there this morning the heavens had opened, the poor little biscuits.
  6. what I was told was that it was an Adelaide club but that victorians could join to take advantage of their track day. Cost was higher than a pi rdie day but much more track time. Does any one know the name.

    Rattus please don't call me Sweetie. Dear will do.
  7. Garage Motorcyles in South Aus have a school they run called Roadcraft. They book 2 days in November every year. These were the guys at PI yesterday and today.

    I've heard about the way they instruct from a couple of other riders that have done the school there, no where near the standard of CSS.
  8. Effectively the guys I spoke to treated it as a ride day.
  9. For track hires you don't need corner observers (flaggies) and you only need a basic first aid presence.

    You don't need to have the Medical Centre in full MotoGP trim for a ride/drive day.

    But you are right, the more riders the more the hire cost can be spread over all of them and reduce it.
  10. The guy I spoke to said the cost was higher (about $300 per day) but the advantage was the lower numbers = more ride time and he also claimed he could ride his road bike with insurance (?).
  11. I'm doing a Honda ride day this Friday It cost $ 190.00 for the day .. think I receive a $20.00 discount for owning a Honda .. good deal IMO . they have another one in December check the Honda website .anyone can go