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Privacy worries over road camera tracking plans

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hotcam, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Govt has no right to know what I'm doing as long as its not illegal

  2. I'm scared of terrorists and speeders, help me Big Brother

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  1. From the HeraldSun today:

    My opinion:
    - Gross breach of privacy, it is inevitable that the system will be abused.
    - Non-effective as more serious crims will simply change number
    plates or vehicles.

    Whaddya think?
  2. When is the bio-chip and thought crime law comming in?

    Too late for the U.S.

    I have noticed our slow progressive slide into this quagmire.

    Police now call us 'Civilians' (they are not the military when I last checked). And over time many government departments are normed into treating people as criminals.

    This is only one vector.
  3. I refrained from voting just in case my computer activity is being monitored.

    WGAF, it's another of those things that if you're not breaking the law, it won't have any impact on you. No different to speed camera's.
  4. Just one liberty at a time...
  5. Things like this are always abused. Which one of you is willing to be the victim on that occasion?

    This stuff never hampers real crims, but it is a big stick to wave at the general populace.
  6. Can someone explain to me how if I am not breaking the law, I can be affected by someone abusing this system?
  7. Have you read 1984? :)
  8. Ultimately the data collected from tracking your movements will be centralised and used to form algorithms, which will be able to determine your behvaiours and norms.

    If this does not fit the paradigm they set for 'society'. You become a target.
    This has already commenced in the U.S. and UK. Where you suddenly get a visit from social services for a quick 'hello'. Because they feel your behaviours are going to upset the programming they have for your children.
  9. I'm interested that speeders and road law breakers are being lumped in with terrorists.

    And "if you've done nothing wrong you've nothing to fear" is probably the feeblest, most regularly disproven excuse for coplacency that exists.
  10. Wow! :shock:

    You really believe that sh#t! :LOL:

    They can collect all the data about my riding habits they want, i couldn't give a toss!
  11. Someone install a set of false plates on their vehicle, and their vehicle looks like yours. That person commits a crime (let's say - speeding at 3am). The police come knocking at YOUR door and issue a summons to confiscate your vehicle, charge you with dangerous driving, and no amount of denial from you can convince them that you're anything other than the criminal that they're looking for, because their system tells them that your vehicle with your plates was the one that caused the offense.


    You decide to attend a protest rally against whatever. You drive your car there. Your details are now on a government file as a sympathiser with whatever faction that the government doesn't agree with, and you are now put on a terrorist suspect watch list, even though it was merely a peaceful demonstration against the government increasing parking fees (or whatever).



    Not everything you do has to be technically illegal. The system is open for abuse, and while you might think you're living under the friendly watchful umbrella of the law, you may find that your freedoms are being eroded further and further, and soon any form of dissent against an all powerful omnipresent government finds you facing charges for things that you thought was your right to do, but now find isn't.

    There's now no where you can hide. Even though you're not a terrorist, now that you're marked, your life is now worth shit.

    This is the slippery slope that we head down. All things start out being for the good of the society, but end up with a police state. Think of how the Nazi Party came to power, and you'll get an idea.
  12. This is the thin edge of the wedge, I don't think that in MY lifetime we will see much abuse of this system but I worry about the future. Today we live in a fair kind of quasi democracy but all civilisations change and we don't know what is around the corner [remember people like Corey will be voting in 18 months!]. fcuking nazis.

    :soapbox: :inquisition:
  13. Seriously, read 1984. It's fkn scary how a guy in 1948 could write a fictional story that is becoming more and more true...

    So now they can track your movements and detain you without charge or right to council. Sure, it's not that big a deal now because they are focusing it on a minority that isn't you, but what happens if 'they' change there mind and all of a sudden you become the focus of all that attention...

    Who's going to police the police?
  14. Dude, you obviously haven't been to the U.S.

    This shiite is real.
  15. Dude I know, but this is little ol' Australia and we have been sheltered from a lot of the abuses to date.
  16. The whole Dr. Haneef thing was a good example.
  17. And this! :shock:

    Australia in talks with FBI over global "dangerbase"


  18. You guys watch too much Hollywood sh#t!

    How is that different from an eye witness to a robbery seeing the same thing? With the same result?

    :LOL: Me..... attend a protest rally! :LOL: But if i did, I wouldn't be trying to hide the fact that I protested, so again, who cares?

    If people are going to be that paranoid, why does nobody think their speed camera photo was photoshop'd to incriminate them?

    VicRoads already have traffic cameras all over the place to observe traffic movements, why aren't you scared already of driving on these roads? Do you think if they want all this onformation they can't get it with the existing technology and infrastructure? How can you be so paranoid, yet so naive?
  19. With this sort of data there are plenty of illegitimate uses. What if someone with access to the data sets up an under the counter business where your employer, ex-girlfriend, or the angry guy you cut off in traffic could get the info of where you go and what you do?

    It's not a fanciful suggestion, last year alone almost 100 people were fired from centrelink for unauthorised access to people's personal records, either for thier own interest or a friend / relative. What happens when an abused wife who has left her husband is tracked down and beaten again because the husband's brother had access to this data?

    Going without some level of privacy is a scary notion because there will always be people willing to abuse the system for some personal gain.
  20. Give me your gixxer.

    You aren't riding it properly.