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Priorities -why is it so?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. After reading a few threads about people buying new bikes (or new to them) & then dropping them -adding a few minor scratches, why do we get all p!ssed off about it so bad?
    I mean, I go out & spend $13,000 on a brand new dirt bike, take it out into the bush & promptly try to drown it in a mud pool, endo it over jumps, send it cartwheeling down the biggest hill you've ever seen -breaking bits & pieces off it as it goes & yet all I can do is laugh about it :?
    Yet I drop my road bike pushing out of the shed, and all the nieghbours within a 2 block radius can hear the swearing & yelling -even though it's only worth about 1/2 what the dirt bike is (or was)
    What gives? Anyone got any ideas? For the life of me I can't work it out :?
    What makes the difference?

  2. Controlling a road-bike well, smoothly, sleekly and quickly is sex-on-toast.

    It makes you superior to all those less co-ordinated, or brave who 'just don't get it'.

    Your bike is your steed, your weapon, your love and life.

    Dropping it like a retard just makes all that lose a little somethin' somethin'.
  3. Road bikes tend to go for the shiny factor rather than the battle-scar factor of trail bikes.

    There's more to prove on the road with a shiny well cared for bike as opposed to how many bits it has missing on the trail.

    On the road a shiny bike either means you don't get out much or you really look after your bike and you're not an ideot who scrapes it up a lot, which is something to be proud of (the later anyway).

    Same deal with an old 4WD for bush-bashing compared to a Porche.

    I guess you could look at it as a trail bike being more of a utility vehicle and a road bike as more of a show piece. It's like I'd hate to spill beer on my suit but I couldnt give a rats if I spill it on an old T-shirt.

    ...having said all that I'm deliberately buying a 250 with a few scratches so I won't be completely shattered *when* I drop it.
  4. I guess that's why I'd never spend 13 grand on a dirt bike - I'd collapse in tears whenever it went cartwheeling down a hill! :LOL:
  5. Like the difference between a fancy dress shoe and a well worn pair of joggers. You both wear them on your feet however ones for looking nice and the others for getting dirty.
  6. F*ck it Andy, they're all there to be used, abused, ridden hard and put away wet.

    So now you've got some scratches to go with those ones from where you've been dragging the bottom of your fairings...

    The solution is clear - it's now an on road/off road bike! Let's see how high you can jump it!
  7. :rofl: Great analogy (sp?) Livingstone!

    and oh so true :LOL:
  8. Not quite true -cause the joggers cost more than double what the dres shoes did
  9. It's like this...

    Landcrusier Trayback Ute = Costs a shedload and guys go to great lengths to make them look "Tough". But goes great in it's environment.

    Toyota Supra "Doof" "Doof" car etc = Guys go all out to make them go fast and look like the shine on em is a forcefield pulsing away.

    Road bike culture says "Shiny is goood!!!" So we try to keep them that way (also it usually costs a bucket to fix "cosmetic" damage to a sports bike.

    Dirt bikes are meant to be tough. Aftermarket guards etc are fine and are pretty cheap too.

    Could just be as simple as cost of replacement parts etc...

  10. when I stack it on the dirt with my bike it's all about looking back and seeing how big the trench in the sand is :p

    But when I drop my dirtbike on the street I feel like an idiot and hate myself. I think it also has something to do with where you drop it maybe.
  11. Its like having a sexy partner and a slut on the side.. :LOL:
  12. I just wanna know why the sports bike riders rarely post up any pics of their bikes on their sides :p :p :p And on the back of a tow truck doesn't count :wink:

    I managed to get permanent reminders of my first two attempts to defy gravity....



    Trail bike riders seem to enjoy the tales of their battle scars, as far as sports bike riders go - well you better ask one :p :p :p
  13. I used to take my trail bikes out with the specific intention of sending them flying and cartwheeling down hills. If I didn't come home bleeding I wasn't trying. That was my motto and I loved to try. Battle scars were something to be proud of. :LOL:

    It's different with a road bike. They have to be clean and pristine. Otherwise you're just not cool. :cool:

    *Seany goes off to find an ideal place to pose on Lygon St* :LOL:
  14. lol...so thats where im going wrong loz. :eek: