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Printing photos on canvas

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by middo, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. I've got a few blank walls in a new place we've bought, and was thinking of getting some of our photos blown up onto canvas as wall art. Has anyone else done this? I have a few specific questions if anyone can help:

    What sort of resolution is necessary for a reasonable picture? i.e. if I want to do a 120 x 40 cm landscape, what sort of size file do I need?

    Where is a good place to get these done? Cost is obviously a factor, and I would prefer online/delivery being a possibility as we live country.
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  3. First, cm are not a SI unit. Only dressmakers and Russians* use them. Real men use mm, anal ones use x10^-3m.

    Snapfish and BIGW have occasional specials where you can get 1000x500mm canvas prints for around $70 usually. These are stretched onto a cheap pine frame but work OK.

    I have an oldish Canon EOS500D (15ish megapixels) and a raw image from that produced a soft print at the above size. The picture looks fine but at anything closer than a few feet you can see the softness. I guess you want at least 150dpi for a good image, so that'd be approx 6000x3000 pixels or 18 megapixels.

    * For some reason they measure things in decimetres which is the same thing.
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  4. There are any number of places that do it, just google "canvas printing online". I'd guess anywhere from $90 to $150 plus shipping for a 1.2m wide print, depending on aspect ratio and material (many places will also print on acrylic or aluminium, which give you a different finish and feel).

    Like wokwon said, even 15MP gives you a soft image at that size but on the other hand, printing on a textured medium like canvas or aluminium is a lot more forgiving than scrutinising pixels on a monitor or even a printout on glossy paper. For example, I had this printed on matte aluminium 1.4m wide ...


    ... off a 1.65mb jpeg because the order form wouldn't take the 28mb original. Yeah it's not the sharpest print, but the dominant impression is the surreal quality of the aluminium rather than the softness of the image..
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  5. Had some canvas prints done at Officeworks, quality was pretty good, but mine were a bit smaller than what you're after.
  6. Watch Groupon for specials now and again on canvas printing.
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    we print canvases at home
    you can get away with a lower file size than you can with photo paper
    if you think the resolution is a bit low load it into photo shop and upscale it by about 10% at a time
    this method retains the clarity of the photo
    yes most canvas will soften the image some what
    but I use a high gloss canvas and the sharpness is great

    oh and you should always use a profile specific for the canvas you are using
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