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VIC Princes Hwy speed limit increase?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jeffco, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. From todays H/S sounds like this one got through whilst the anti speed freaks were asleep at the wheel.

    THERE are secret plans to increase the speed limit to 110km/h on the Princes Highway in a move that has divided the State Government and senior police.

    Victoria Police and the TAC have serious safety concerns over the Napthine Government’s election push to lift the limit on the highway between Melbourne and Geelong.

    The Herald Sun can reveal Transport Minister Terry Mulder approached Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill and the TAC with the plan. He was asked to ditch the plan amid strong opposition from all parties. But Mr Mulder is now refusing to say what he intends to do. The RACV has backed the speed plan and said it should be 110km/h from Werribee through to Torquay along the new ring road, arguing it would save motorists 20 minutes each way.

    The increase from the current 100km/h would shave 10 minutes between Melbourne and Geelong.

    HAVE YOUR SAY: Would you support increasing the speed limit to 110km/h on the Princes Highway? Join the conversation by leaving a comment in the box below.

    The canvassing of opinions to make the road 110km/h comes at a time where the road toll is 182 compared with 172 last year.

    The new speed change would also undermine the Government’s speed messages and the work the TAC has done to reduce the road toll, including its “Wipe off 5” campaign, critics say.

    Currently in Victoria, sections of the Hume, Calder and Western highways have a 110km/h speed zone.

    Responding to Herald Sun’s questions about the meeting with Mr Mulder, Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill said: “Prior to supporting any decision to increase the speed limit on the Princes Highway we would require clear evidence that this would not adversely impact upon the level and severity of road trauma.”

    Mr Mulder’s spokeswoman, Larissa Garvin, confirmed a proposal had been put to agencies. But she would not comment on what decision Mr Mulder had made.

    “Consideration of changes to speed limits are always taken in the context of implications to road safety, traffic flow and road infrastructure requirements,” Ms Garvin said in a statement.

    RACV general policy manager Brian Negus said the road’s body had done safety checks on the stretch of road and it was a four or five star rating — the top rating being five stars.

    “From a safety perspective it stacks up. From a design perspective it stacks up,” he said. “It should be 110km/h.”
  2. April fools joke accidentally slipped in early by the kid on work experience?

    That being said, it should be 130, and the Hume should be 160.
  3. and the spurs should be 250
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  4. While I think of it, the proposed increase to the speed limit won't decrease travelling time to Geelong by 10 minutes, and Torquay by 20 minutes. The tool who calculated that has NFI! It's a bit over half an hour from Werribee to Geelong with a limit of 100. At best, it's a 10% reduction in time (ie: no slow bastards making a rolling road block), which equates to about 3 min's. However, that doesn't take into account the 80 zone going into Geelong. In reality, it's more like 2 minutes time saving. Going from Werribee to Torquay is currently about 50 min, so that only saves 5 min each way, maximum. Even if the 110 zone started at the western end of the Westgate Bridge, there's no way that it would save 10 min to Geelong, and 20 min to Torquay!
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  5. I accidentally heard some of this issue discussed on 3AW this morning when the copper apologist was on. He talked eloquently without a clue about why the road shouldn't be raised to 110km/h. They are the worst kind of debater. They sound like they are saying something without saying anything... and Neil let him get away with it.

    Mitchell did make the point that the speeding infringements were high on this road suggesting the road was capable of a higher speed, the copper apologist disagreed. Of course he did.

    This is the reality of the politics of speed which we live in. Commonsense goes out the window. Everytime the apologist mentioned MUARC it was like fingernails down the chalkboard.
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  6. Napthine has categorically confirmed that the government will not make any changes to any road or road law without the consent of both TAC and Victoria Police.
    Ruled out any increase.
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  7. and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Victorian Government are useless.
    Who runs the show around here? VicRoads? Not even.
  8. Intresting the grand finals over and the Libs get some clear air time .Geelong is a marginal seat put out a bull shirt story to get everyone talking and do northing .
  9. It's not 110? It used to be.