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Princes Fwy speed cameras (towards Geelong)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by urbansloth, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Forgive me if this has been answered before - my searching came up dry, and google wouldn't answer me either:

    The speed cameras on the Princes Fwy between Melbourne and Geelong (I think there's 3, on various bridges?) - can they actually catch motorbikes? They seem to only be facing the oncoming traffic, and therefore can't get our plates. Or is there a backward facing bit I haven't seen?

  2. From memory, one of the cameras on that road in each direction is rear-facing (ie: can get the rear license plate). IIRC it's the one near Williamstown. I think. Haven't lived in Melbourne for nearly 18 months now.

    Obligatory: That said, just because we're relatively immune to those cameras doesn't mean it's time to go past doing a stand-up wheelie at 150kph, giving the camera 'the bird' - or next week all cameras will be rear-facing and we'll have front-mounted licenseplates. ;)
  3. There's a rear facing one, I think its on the Lara bridge. I had a work mate get done on his bike a few months back.
  4. I will have to pay more attention next. I don't travel that road much at all, but I tried to screw my head off and check out the back of one of the bridges last time but couldn't see anything.

    Oh hell no! I was more curious as to why I hadn't heard of such a loophole in its operations before - if such a loophole does exist...:?:

    However I am strangely flattered that you think I could standup wheelie at 150km/h...or wheelie at all. Or even do 150km/h... :LOL:

    I could give the camera the bird - but I'd probably have to pull over to do it - would kind of lose its affect..? :grin:
  5. Aha...so armed with that clue, the list of locations and good ol' Google StreetView, I think I've figured it out:

    Geelong Bound:
    Millers Road Gantry - couldn't see it?
    Forsyth Road Bridge - backwards facing!
    Point Wilson Road Bridge - forwards facing (safe?)
    Avalon Road Bridge - forwards facing (safe?)

    Melbourne Bound:
    Point Wilson Road Bridge - forwards facing (safe?)
    Avalon Road Bridge - forwards facing (safe?)
    Forsyth Road Bridge - backwards facing!
    Grieve Parade Bridge - backwards facing!

    So go the 150km/h wheelies, for those that are capable...! :grin: (jokes, jokes...)
  6. They were originally advertised as going to be point to point but have only ever been stand alone. Hume Hwy are the only point to point ones but i have it on good authority that the Monash will be getting them as well once all the work is finished.
  7. Also be aware that just because there are fixed cameras on the freeway to Geelong they still deploy mobile camera's as seen two Saturdays ago on the Werribee Bypass (Melbourne Bound, I was Geelong bound).
  8. Guys the Miilers gantry cameras face the back as well and are hidden behind the signs so are difficult to see. And agree you always get a few camera cars and or radars hiding along the road.
  9. Yep took me a few times to notice that one...you can just see a box peaking out from between the overhead signs :grin: but I didn't get done coz I was never speeding when I hadn't seen it [​IMG]

    There is also often a copper sitting in the traffic island when Geelong bound, just after a crest somewhere near Werribee.

    As they say, just don't speed. In fact people are often so scared on that road of getting done, I set car cruise control to the ACTUAL speed limit (vs indicated) and usually overtake most of the way, not slowing down for the cameras. Only been done once when I accelerated out of the way of a guy being a tool just near a bridge. Awesome :roll:
  10. A while ago someone spray painted a warning on the road as you approached each camera. Funnily enough, it was painted over with black paint but you can still see it.

    A dead give away are the markings in the road where the sensors run across the lanes. They are easy to spot if you are looking.

    I also agree about people being too scared to do the speed limit down the hwy. I used to run down to Geelong a bit in a truck, just sit on the speed limiter and the number of vehicles I passed was astonishing.
  11. The Millers Rd & Grieve Pde cameras are also mounted extremely close to High Voltage overhead powerlines in contrevention of the camera manufacturers installation instructions.
  12. I'm on it everyday to get to work and back and reckon it can be pretty dangerous at times as plenty of drivers slow down and speed up around again around the fixed cameras. Heaps of people Geelong bound slow down for the Grieve Pde cameras on the other side of the road due to the angle of the camera. Combine that with the lane jumping that people do there getting ready for the merge and you have to be pretty aware of what's going.
  13. The speed check going from Geelong to Melb is very handy, but I would have to wonder how accurate it is, any one checked it with a GPS? I usually get 99 with an indicated 105.
  14. Mmm, yeah, to a point.

    Works well in NSW (especially now that most cameras have 'indexing' painted onto the road to confirm speeds)...

    But I tried to do the 'look for road sensors' trick on that road (and the Monash Fwy) and discovered two things:
    (1) There are sensors embedded into the Geelong-Melb freeway every few kilometres, camera or not. Probably for traffic-condition-monitoring and future installation of cameras.
    (2) The new (2007) cameras on the Western Ring Road don't seem to have visible sensors. :-k

    I definitely agree that speeding's too risky on that road. The TMU are especially rabid and are willing to chase down a motorcyclist doing 110kph on an empty, straight, flat four lane freeway in perfect weather conditions from >400 metres away. :roll:

    Glad to see I wasn't imagining things about the rear-facing ones near Williamstown (Millers Rd). Whew!

    I did the Melb->Geelong commute for about 9 months... The Speed Advisory signs were usually fairly accurate according to my GPS, but every now and then one or two of the lanes would be out-of-step. I saw a van servicing them every two or three months.
  15. it always tells me i'm 4km less than what the speedo in the SV6 indicates. the one on the hume gives me the exact same variation.
  16. Cheers all - let the record note I wasn't after the info with any intent to speed! Granted, I am probably stupid enough, but certainly not rich enough.

    Was more curious why VicRoads would mount them that way if they couldn't catch a subset of the traffic, and by the sound of it they can't. Just an oversight on their behalf, when installed...? Out of interest, how long have they been there?
  17. I would guess that it's so they can catch semi-trailers and B-doubles speeding - It's a lot easier to ping the prime-mover directly than it is to chase down the paperwork and see who was towing which trailer, when, from where to where. Same reason CityLink didn't bother with rear-facing etag cameras until recently. :)
  18. Aaah the truckies - yes, that makes much more sense...cheers! :)