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Prince Charles hates motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news--general-news/prince-charles-i-hate-motorbikes/16359.html

  2. That's OK, I know a bloke who loves bikes.

    The comments in the article sum it up. Who gives a f**k.
  3. If he rides a norton, I can understand why he hates motorbikes. The amount of time he rode it would have been equal to the amount of time it pissed oil over his legs.
  4. He's just saying what many parents say....
  5. Diana made sure that William and Henry would not be namby pambies like Charles fr this I give her kudos
  6. Who likes Prince Charles, ???????????
    His son who rides a motor cycle is going to be the King,
  7. He's jealous.

    I blame the inbreeding.
  8. Nobody complains about him riding a horse every night.
  9. except the Horse :)
  10. camilla should be put down like all other horses who fall over and hurt them selves.
  11. Oh boo hoo. Do-nothing born-into-position asswipe. I've taken shits more relevant than the royal family.
  12. Ouch! Good, but still...ouch
  13. Why??? Diana's family is so posh they make the Windsors look like pikeys...
  14. I loved that article! :LOL:

    Charles is not a man. He's a girlyman.

    T.E.Lawrence...now there's an example of aristocratic English manliness! A gentleman!

  15. so do they ride in between the lead and chase security detail assigned to them 24/7?

    a concerned parent. nothing more.
  16. a concerned parent......who is jealous that he can't!

    King Wingnut the first can stick to riding horses......
  17. I can't ever get my balance on them."

    That's because he's naturally unbalanced...
  18. Yep Lawrence a real Mans Mans... :bannanabutt:
  19. ...Yeah??.. well I hate Prince Charlie (Mummy's) boy!!...... [-(
  20. I cant get my balance on them.

    Some thing to do with the size of his ears, they would catch the wind and lift him off the bike.