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Primary and Reserve fuel tap problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mashwoo, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Today I had the fuel tap set over to primary and knew it was low but thought I would see how far it went before I had to change over to reserve. As I rode along it started coughing and spluttering so I changed over to reserve. I would have made the change within 5 seconds of it begining to splutter however it still continued to splutter after changing and then when I pulled over it stalled.

    I thought that maybe I did not get it to reserve in time so I tried to start the engine again but ti still stalled. Tried a few more times with the same result but no luck. My darling wife brought me out some fuel which got it going again.

    Any ideas as to why their was no fuel in reserve. :cry:
  2. does your bike have four setings??
    ON = what you should ride on
    OFF = when you dont want to ride
    RES = reserve (a bit at the botom of your tank)
    PRIME = extra fuel flow to allow the carbes to fill up if the bike was siting un used for a long time... (also can be used to drain the tank compleately)
  3. I have RES, ON, & PRI
  4. So I should ride on ON?
  5. So I have been riding on PRI. which would:

    "PRIME = extra fuel flow to allow the carbes to fill up if the bike was siting un used for a long time... (also can be used to drain the tank compleately)"

  6. THANKS lordtb
  7. rather than start a new threasd I figure this one is as good as any for problems with fuel tanks.

    2006 zzr250 - ran out of fuel on friday. No warning at all. Ive was waiting for the cough splutter warning so I could change to reserve but none of that. rode it into work all ok. then went to go home, it started then died off and I couldnt get it started no matter what position I had tank in (res/pri/on). RACV turned up gave me 5L petrol and I was on my way. I filled up on the way home and pumped in another 13L (which gives me my full 18L tank).

    so the bike has eaten through its main and reserve without telling me. From what ive read on other posts it seems that I may have a cracked intake pipe (or words to that effect) and its just using all the fuel regardless of setting? Theres a chance that it was on Prime rather than on - would that use all the fuel without warning?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated before I call the dealer's mechanic and ask what the problem is and for them to fix it if theres a problem.

    Keep in mind:
    -ive not had a the bike long so I didnt know how many km to the tank (thats what I was finding out). so i dont need any posts on 'work out how many km you get then fill up before hand.
    - I will normally keep it fullish in future after ive worked out this problem. so i need need to be told that either.
  8. Generally, fuel systems that have the "prime" position on the tap are vacuum driven taps. this means that when the engine cranks over if the tap is set to "on" then the vacuum automatically turns the tap on to allow fuel to flow. When the engine stops it also stops fuel from flowing.

    On "reserve" it's the same thing except that it is taking fuel from lower in the tank.

    All "prime" does is to bypass the vacuum operated tap to allow a natural gravity feed when the engine is not running. ie. to prime the system after it's been drained or if you've run out of fuel.