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Featured Pride doesn't always come before a fall

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. So I still think of myself as a relative newbie especially as I have just ridden today for the third time since my little off in March... Got off my Ps in Nov 15 and got Zeddee on the 18/12/15. Last ride was with lovely Valvoline...
    I always have huge respect for the incredible power of the mind over matter and the placebo effect is a scientific fact.
    But there is such a fine line between over and under confidence!
    The reason I am posting this is to remind newbies, especially those of us who let our self esteem dictate our capabilities, that a bad ride is just that, a bad ride.
    I have let my confidence in my ability to ride anything hit close to zero and when I saddled up today my first thought was don't drop the bike you stupid biatch. Not, gee what a gorgeous perfect day for man and beast let's go have fun...
    So the tank was empty and the pit of my stomach clenched ( okay butt hole really) thinking about negotiating that female genital of a servo, espesh during a special needs weekend with random pump selectors on the loose.
    So I wobbled (yup!) into the vortex of madness and I managed to do a fairly tight u turn to get to a pump, only to fixate on the bowser and nearly put the front wheel through the petrol hose. Noice one dicknose. When I finally gotthe kick stand down ( who moved the bloody thing anyway?) my knees were shaking from the adrenalin. So I filled up then took off down through Lake Cathie, Bonny Laurieton and to Dunbogan.
    I love to have a coffee at the littlemarina there and watch the kids go feral feeding the fish!
    Well, I did it. I was so focussed on a wee and a caffeine fix that I pulled in to a spot, side stand down and off the bike and keys out in about 10 seconds flat.
    Yay team and gee what a beautiful day for man and beast.
    So wee and coffee duly attended to and back on bike and off we went.
    Back home, negotiated shitty back driveway with a fourby up my arse like I had done it a thousand times before. Then up heartbreak drive into the garage without pulversing surfboards etc.
    I might do it again next weekend you know

    So my waffling point to we newbies is, think it and it'll happen. Try to look for any positive in your ride (no matter how trivial) and very likely you will chill a little and poof, you are having fun.
    Maybe it was those feral kids pelting me with errant fish pellants that did the trick but I thing getting out and achieving anything is the magic here.
    I rode okay and best of all I ended up having fun with my bike and I.
    It's 95% in the mind whether you can do things or not
    image. image.
    Fish feeding frenzy
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  2. Nice one. Always enjoy your narratives and glad things are looking up ride confidence-wise.
    I must have missed the news of your unscheduled sit-down in March. What happened? Linkee?
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  3. Good on ya. :) I pushed myself this weekend, spent part of it running a reassuring narrative to myself in my head when sidewinds were making bends finer than I liked, that "its ok, dont fight it, you got this, relax.." and as I turned off the fast, sweeping, hill-clinging coast road onto slower inland paths (to the great relief of five cars behind me who I'm sure felt much more confident doing 100 than the 80 I was pushing) I reminded myself that every scary road taken never needs be scary again. You did it. Guess, this weekend, we both did it :)
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  4. #4 Rus Ler, Oct 2, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2016
    Good one Jane, great to see you out and about, the only way to build your confidence is to keep at it, just a bit at a time (y)(y)
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  5. Don't forget YOU went up Green Hill Rd. And by the end of that ride you had improved 100%. You need to be game enough to try, and if the mistakes are little one you will learne so much from them. You need to allow yourself a small mistake every now and then. I bet your last ride up into the hills last weekend was as good as the way you finished the ride with me.
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  6. How dare those little devils throw fish pellets at you. I hope you pushed them off the pier into the water. I love that photo of the feeding fish! It's always good to see your posts when you get out for a ride.
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  7. And that's exactly why I had the courage.. No, ability... to get up Reservoir Rd at Myponga by myself on a windy day. And along South at Sellicks being blown sideways, without worrying who didn't like my dreadfully low speed. (if that's what you wanna call 80, there. Haha) :)

    Do look forward to doing those roads on a new bike, on a still day. Picking a line and being allowed to adhere to it would be a whole different type of rewarding from simply 'not drifting into oncoming traffic woohoo!" ;)
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  8. Great to hear from you again Zedee master! I wasn't sure whether or not a good ending was coming, so I didn't want to finish reading. You know this, but I'm gonna tell you anyway, get out there and ride, it will be second nature if you do. You've come a massive long way from those tentative steps, now is time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. When we eventually get together, it will give me great pleasure to see you vanish into the distance as you feather the throttle. I'll just whizz by whilst you are filling up at the servo! ;)
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  9. hi there OldmaidOldmaid, there is nothing wrong with having changed priorities and no longer wanting to ride, forcing yourself may not be for the best either. but, and it's a big but - if you want to keep riding and love it and miss it then (it's tough love time) get off your sorry butt and ride! don't let one blunder or bad experience erase all the fun times you had. only you know if you want to keep doing it.

    I can't believe you haven't ridden since the ValvolineValvoline tour of 2016, after your post after that ride I thought, good she's back in the game. it's your decision to ride so do what's best for you not the rest of us or anybody else.

    maybe you can hookup with a local ride school to get back in the swing of things, it might only take a 2 hour 'lesson'.

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  10. Good work OM. Haven't seen anything from you for a while so good to see you both riding and postings, your posts are always worth reading.

    Like everyone else has said just keep doing it and while you should be thoughtful, try not to overthink it or you end up just psyching yourself out. Remember it's all about having fun.

    Anyway keep up the good work as we expect to see you in Jindy this year.
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  11. I have a club, not the ones you wave about but close who do the text about a ride at least one a month and that motives me to get of my lazy arse and do what I love once it happens. At least thats better than my usualy Jaded done it all at least 1000 times before self. If I dont go on these runs I get hysterically funny texts involving cement ingestion. And then we have the annual 4 day nirvana Snowy Run, no not the official one. Our private one I wouldn't miss for quids. Its great to have a few other riders to light the wick for me even with recent commitments have me not riding for the last couple of months,the shame.
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  12. I couldn't believe it either but boy I knew it when I nearly cleaned up at the servo today! Hope no one looks at the security footage at bowser 1 could go viral :(
    I have said most weekends going to go for a ride then it rained or I got sidetracked with other things or just felt it was beyond me and then it was the next weekend and so on then whammo October is here...my mind has been caught up in divorce-land and the financial settlement end of things...I think things improved recently when I admitted defeat on the financial front and took a personal loan...struggling financially was a nasty, horrible reality check for me and really had me beside myself for quite a while.
    Once the house in Sydney and the investment propert gets sold ( I foolishly agreed to let the ex live in the Sydney home rent free AND stay in it until Jan 2017 when he retires) all will improve. Shoot me but I stick to my word but didn't realise how asset rich, cash poor I am...my mind has been in ga ga land until recently
    Haven't found anyone to ride with up here and it really is HOG heaven in Port...
    Anyway I do want to ride and I intend to get my groove back by regular riding from now on!
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  13. Twas a nothing just a little skiddie off - my fault, had a car loom on me, grabbed too much front brake and had a little bitumen sleep! A few minor dings on Zeddee, but my psyche fractured a bit after that and I started to seriously doubt my ability to ride anything, let alone a slightly too tall 1043cc mean 230kg machine.
    But when I went put with Valvoline it was so lovely I didn't really think about the height much and we had a great time...
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  14. you just need a regular riding buddy by the sound of it. I know many scoff at Ulysses but it may be a good option - not all are hog riders and old men, get along to a local Saturday meet up and say gday to a few they won't bite, most don't even have teeth.

    hope you get your other sh1t sorted out!
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  15. So trade in Zeddie, get a Fattie, couple of tatts and you'll be one of the boys in no time :woot::woot:
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  16. Heya OldmaidOldmaid !

    Great to see you out and about - the fish are an absolute hoot! lol I would be entertained for HOURS! Next time just for fun just throw the kids in with the fish too... hehehe
    Keep at it chica. chilliman64chilliman64 has a few good points there. I've been trawling NR for local riding peeps and it's def making things way more fun on the road. Enthusiasm is contagious, so find that tribe of yours ;) Maybe see if you can get yourself a smaller beastie for a bit. It was very V hard for me to let go of my SV650, and the power, and the feel, and the colour, etc.... and I still do miss it. But I now have a love me-hate me lawnmower that before I knew it, I was thrashing it, having fun with it, getting it dirty, and putting more and more kms on it. I was reminiscing but at the same time, I have a smile on my dial after a ride. Whether I drop the bike or not! hehehe Just as WraithWraith after today's ride.... :rolleyes: You are so correct in saying that it IS a fine line .... if your finances can accommodate, then get yourself a smaller beastie and keep Zeedy. :) And do both. Thrash the proverbial out of the smaller bike3:) and then treat your Zeedy like the magnificent king/queen it is!!
    But make sure you put that bum of yours on a seat more often! O:)
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  17. Good for you OldmaidOldmaid!! If you can find a riding buddy(s), having the friendly contact may help you deal with your other stuff from a stronger place & make good decisions for you.

    Re the servo, I keep a couple of 5 litre containers of fuel at home so if I have a ride in the morning & can't be bothered gearing up just to go to the servo, I don't have to. I'm sure practice will help heaps but for the occasion when you just don't want to face it, this may help. The fuel should keep for a couple of months or so.
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  18. Know how you feel miss Jane. Largely due to illness, my riding for the last 6 months has been confined to commuting between work, home and the local shops. I haven't been able to ride much more than 30 minutes at time and as a result my riding confidence is quite low.

    Recent surgery looks like it has fixed the health problem and I reckon I'm just about ready to start proper rides again. Hopefully that will get my confidence levels back up.
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  19. Hey OM, good on you young lady, you know it makes sense ;)

    ValvolineValvoline out of interest, and i've probably not read the thread, but why did you chop the SV for the lawnmower?
  20. Classic!

    Re the servo OldmaidOldmaid, I'm getting into the habit of filling with fuel close to home & checking the oil (must be checked hot on hog)
    as soon as I get home so everythings ready to go next ride.
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