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Pricks who try to decapitate riders with hidden wire or rope

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. This article is just a reminder that there are some sickos out there who do put wire or rope between two objects at head height. Although this particular story is about a cyclist, I hope this serves as a reminder for all to remain vigilant against this sort of thing, especially our dirt biking comrades......

    Boy has neck slashed by rope while riding his bicycle

    An outraged father has condemned sick pranksters after his son's neck was cut by a rope while he was riding his bike.

    Jason Davies, from Ballarat, said his son Devon, 12, was out riding his BMX pushbike last Tuesday at Mount Beckworth with his mum and brother when he was knocked off his bike after coming into contact with a thin piece of rope tied up between two trees.

    Devon was examined by doctors and had his neck put into a precautionary brace. He was soon released, with a laceration around his neck.

    "He got the all clear, but as the doctor said if he'd been on a motorbike, there's a good chance he wouldn't be around now," Mr Davies told The Ballarat Courier.​

    Read more: Boy has neck slashed by rope while riding his bicycle
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  2. Find them, kill them, have a beer...
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  3. I heard of a few cases around the Macedon Ranges last year, it's not a myth.

    Be careful trail riding anywhere near where there is properties.... just saying.
  4. in the old days it used to happen (mainly) in areas where bikes were not supposed to be riding.. then kids started doing it for fun...
  5. Happened to a mate of mine years ago doctors had to sew his bottom lip back on was one of the neighbouring farmers but nothing was proven.
  6. Back in my dirt bike riding days in the late 70s, this was fairly common on fire trails in the Victorian alps. It was the greenie way of stopping dirt bike riding.
  7. Happened in the seventies to my brothers best mate while riding on vacant land in the outer 'burbs. Crushed his trachea and he nearly died. The perp was known but got away with it due to slack police work and subsequent lack of evidence. Pricks should be strung up with the same piece of rope with which they set the trap.
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  8. You hear about it every few months during summer, in the bush and in estate areas.
    It's nearly as bad as manslaughter, preparing a deadly trap with intent to injure someone.
    The perps probably don't realise how badly injured someone could be, just think that it might knock someone off a bike and deter them.
  9. Brazil has a specific problem with discarded kite strings causing about 500 accidents on bikes a year. Their solution is an antenna mounted on the handlebars to snag the wire before you get to it.

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