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Pricing for brake pads?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Tenoq, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Just wondering how much some front pads should cost me for a GPX250 (93, if relevant)?

    Just don't wanna get shafted on price here :)

  2. I just purchased a set of EBC Double H Sintered pads for my bike. They cost me $44.95.

    Shop around for prices on the brake pads you want...i was given 3 different price listings on the same brake pads.
  3. And how would I know what pads I would want to buy? :?
  4. I only know of EBC and Carbone Lorraine brake pads...these are the two that work well with my bike.

    I say go for EBC if they supply pads for your bike.
  5. I'm actually in the same boat here. Is it easy enough to replace the pads yourself? I ask 'cos I don't have a manual for my bike. As long as I don't have to remove the wheels (?) I should be pretty right...

    Can anyone direct me to a guide for this?

    Btw, the front wheel pad needs replacing if that narrows it down at all.
  6. Deen and I just purchased some brake pads for our bikes from Bike Mart. They told us which type to buy and gave us a couple of options of brands. Deen's cost about $43.50 each for his CBR600F and mine cost $38.20 each for the Across. Give them a call at Bike Mart and ask :)
  7. FFS, ring a few different shops. Getting "ripped off" might mean pay $2 more at one place compared to elsewhere.
  8. Just replaced my brake pads on the Virago yesterday. I bought them from Pablo's in Mulgrave - about $40.

    All I needed was an Allen key and socket set - 10 minute job max.

    The service manual will be of assistance - you can usually download these from the net. :)
  9. Do you suggest the user ask the question in a discussion forum?

    Oh wait, thats where the question was asked.
  10. is that 40-50 bucks per pad, or per pair (i.e. per disc)?