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Prices on RedBook

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by yeowie, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. hi, just got my L's so i'm in the market for a bike. i've pretty much got my heart set on a cbr250r/rr (getting ready to be shot down) mainly because i want a sports bike and from the word of mouth.

    i'll have to take out a loan from the bank so i dont want to go crazy with the price as interest is a killer. i'm a man on a budget and was looking to spend not too much more than 5k on the bike (excluding stamp duty etc).

    i had a look on redbook and they list 1989 R's at just over $3k and 1994 RR's at between $3.5k and $4.1k... i cant even get anything close to that on bikesales and bikepoint.... do redbook dramatically underestimate them or something?

    would anyone be able to give me a general price bracket for a 94RR with <40,000km on the clock? much appreciated
  2. The prices you mentioned there for the RR would probably be what the dealers would take it as a trade in......
    I got confused with that too when I was looking for my bike.
    The going rate is about $5k from private sellers and about $6k+ from dealers.
  3. And for that you can get a new GPX or a nearly new VTR...
  4. Both the red book and glasses guides suck!

    they have 4 uses

    For the dealer to kick you when trading in a bike

    To identify model designation and year

    To stop the table / chair rocking by placing under the offending leg

    A Coaster for your coffee cup on when no CD is handy
  5. Okay to state the obvious all CBR250s are old bikes - so don't forget that not only are you going to be paying interest on the loan but there could be a few surprise costs just keeping the thing on the road (especially if you're using a mechanic). So you'd be far better off buying either something much cheaper, so there's less interest - or newer, so there's less chance of something breaking - or both (ie a GPX that's a few years old).
  6. LAWL! :LOL: i did do a search on redbook, but i wasnt able to find what i wanted. i dunno if its just me but it wouldnt let me do 2 consequtive searches. said i had to wait a while...

    yea i spose its true that the cbr's are getting on with age... but i'm also thinking about looks and resale value as well. for a 4 stroke 250. i was thinking of the cbr125, but ive heard that on a freeway with a headwind id be getting nowhere slowly.

    if i can find a cbr in good nic i'll get one, but if not i'll need to look elsewhere.

  7. Would appear so.

    For the 94 model there were 121 search results on B/sales & only 2 bikes
    with that range $4,800 & $4,900.

    2 on B/point, & 2 in the www.tradingpost.com.au as well.

    How bout this one?

    Only including Year of Manufacture & price, this one of the six is the best


    Forgot about the 89 models. That'll be a 20yo bike soon. :LOL:

    Trading Post: 5 bikes (avg $6013)


    Bikesales: 8 bikes $4,800 --> $7000 (avg $5687)
    BikePoint: 1 bike $5000 54,000 km


    BTW Glasses Guide which is more accurate has market value as
    $4300 <--> $6000 which as you can see is more realistic.
  8. since your on a budget, have you even considered getting an insurance quote for one of these bikes?

    i think youll find, if you go for something a little older and a little less sports orientated, the insurance will be a hell of a lot cheaper