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Price watch on the Suzuki GSX650FU (LAMs)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by saulgoodman, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has enquired on the learner permitted/ restricted Suzuki GSX650FU series yet?

    I have enquired on a dealer in Melbourne and $10500 (inclusive of all extra cost) is the lowest they have gone.

    Anyone has done better than this?

  2. Try Raceway Suzuki in Keilor Park Drive. They had one of each colour about 2 months ago at $9k +ORC. You'd be saving around $500 which may as well be in your pocket than theirs.
  3. I asked about the SV650SU recently but didn't get into specific numbers. I was led to believe that rrp ride away (or less) was likely. Considering the GSX has the same rrp, I suspect that $10k should be possible and maybe up to $400 better than that if your day is proving to be lucky. I spoke to Mick Hone Motorcycles at Box Hill.
  4. Beware..... I bought a scooter off them a few years ago (salesman's name was Ziggy). Found out when I went to get it serviced that it was a (poorly) repaired write-off. I'd trust them less than a cardboard screwdriver.
  5. i was at M.H @ boxhill this afternoon to check on prices. They had the LAM's SV series there. Be warned, the colour of the SV and the GX is somewhat light blue with a white strip painted vertically in the middle of the bike. Ugly. But i guess that's their way of differentiating Learners from the real stuff.

    He quote me 10280 ride away for either of the new LAMs bikes
  6. Its not on the Vic list yet is it? It qualifies but is not approved AFAIK
  7. Vicroads updated the Lams list on the 11th November, it now includes the GSX650FU and the SV650SU. They are the last two bikes listed under Suzuki.
  8. The SV in blue rocks IMO, they are bringing out more colours in the new year some time. Like all new bikes it is hard to get a discount as I understand that they are selling all the SVs they can get. Bit like the CB400 when it came out, although Honda did give a factory rebate.
  9. guys, ignore the stock pics of the Suzuki Lams bikes on the internet.
    Go see the bikes personally and you would probably either find the colour/strips refreshing (retro) or a complete turn off.
  10. why not restrict a normal GSX650F like they do in UK?

    Given all the speculation and some facts about the GSX650FU(one dealer said it cannot be unrestricted, another sayes it can, suzuki wont comment); Ive been wondering why its not possible to get a normal GSX650F and restrict it like they do in UK (although they 'sell' the restrictor kits for FREE). recieved an email from Suzuki UK Cust Services Mngr "the home of FREE restrictor kits" and they say they cant give me one for free but can sell me one for about AUD$550 - although she commented that she thinks Suzuki Aus should really be doing the same as them. Takes 5 mins to install by Suzuki dealers so add on $100 or so........then when you want to remove its 5mins or so and WHAMMO you have yourself a fully fledged GSX650f - all 89hp it was born with! Trying to get a comment from Suzuki Aus at the mo
  11. Re: why not restrict a normal GSX650F like they do in UK?

    Suzuki may not mind too much, but I think its more the government departments who want proof that the restrictor installed is the real thing complying with ADR standards and not an aftermarket kit which may or may not be installed properly (or installed at all).
    Also having it all done by the factory at manufacturing time means that if it is modified at a later date, the blame gets easily laid on the owner and he/she is fined accordingly, just as easily.
  12. [​IMG]

    how can you call this ugly, no white stripe down the middle and its my pride and joy

    Paid $10700 on the road maybe paid to much but I'm having fun now
  13. Learners today are soooo spoilt! I had to buy a 250 which develops a case of acute asthma when asked to do anything mildly challenging, like overtake a cager on a hill. Sulk.

    Furthermore, learners getting access to GSX650s kind of spoils my intention to buy one when I am derestricted. I mean, where's the joy in buying a bike even a learner can ride?!!

    Bike looks great, Mattyg. You'll just have to resist the temptation to get the ECU flashed!

  14. :LOL:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. [quote="speed_demon
    Bike looks great, Mattyg. You'll just have to resist the temptation to get the ECU flashed!


    I'm not flashing my ECU at any one .
    I can break every speed limit as it is , the bike will do me as it is, except the exhaust I'm going to change that always good to be heard as well as seen.
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    You guys better hurry up and buy one.

    The GSX650F just got MCN ..sports touer of the year ..the secrets out and eveyone will be after one, prices will go threw the roof. :wink:

    See here at 2.45.
  17. Looks like the RRP has gone up on these bikes. I got mine just before the price increase. Proving to be very popular. The next shipment for the local shops is March.
  18. I got mine in Feb 09 for $10,300 ride away. The bike felt more comfortable than my other choice the CB400 and cheaper too especially when compared with the ABS model.
  19. well rrp on the website is 10490 now, up from 10290 a couple weeks ago. i went to one dealership(in north brisbane) got quoted the rrp plus 970 on road costs. although that was just asking the price. i'm not looking to buy to july, when qld come into lams. but if he isn't going to be flexible then i just won't go back there.
  20. Sydney City Motorcycles are giving me 11822 inc ORC. Not sure how that lines up with others. Whats the current RRP for these right now?

    Yes, this is a direct result of bike envy ... :(


    10490 - RRP
    395 - dealer delivery
    137 - registration
    473 - ctp greenslip
    327 - stamp duty
    345 - center stand and fitting

    12167 - total on road costs.

    Though, they'll give me at least $1200 for my CB250.