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price query?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by enzise, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. well im plannig to travel at the end of this year. so im selling off all my toys (bike and car)

    just wondering how much you guys think i can expect to get for my bike. so i can plan fincances and stuff. will be selling october november time.
    bike details as follows.

    2004 Suzuki GS500F white and blue.
    17xxx kms (at the moment should add at most another 3000km before then i think)
    i am 2nd owner. comes with manual and serivce log.
    will have major service before sale.
    venutra rack everything else stock.
    never ever been dropped. no scratches anywhere.
    always garaged. nothing else i can think of.

    just trying to organise plane ticket and stuff so want to know how much money approximatly i am goin to have.

    this is not my exact bike. just same year model and colour scheme, taken from bikesales.
  2. Wasn't this posted last night?? Was it deleted for a bikesales link :roll:

    Anyway, there is an 04 in Quenbeyan 19,000kms for $5,500.

    New bikes cheap - your model goes for $8,200.

    Start out at $6,000 and see what the take up is but maybe bank on say $5K.

    All the best with the sale
  3. yea it was on the other night, but i put it in the wrong forum so it got deleted.
  4. With LAMS they are holding their value pretty well.

    Bikesales is a good tool. Post it a bit high to start with then drop it a couple of hundred if you get no calls.

    I think only high k examples go for less than $5000

    keep in mind there are a lot of "dreamers" on bikepoint and bikesales. Only the 2-3 best value bikes of a particular make/model get phone calls.
  5. well i bought it from a dealership in feb for 7k and was ideally hoping for 6-6.5k from the post so far it sounds like u all think im only goin to get 5k.

    that seems like a big drop from 7k in only 10 or so months (come nov time).
  6. You'll probably get more than $5k but not more than $6K. Also dealerships get premium prices. You should be subtracting up to $1500 for the same bike private, which is $5,500 for the bike as it was then.

    so if you get more then that, consider yourself lucky.
  7. I said "bank on $5K" - being the lowest amount you should get.

    Maybe try and get the cash elesewhere for your trip, and, get someone else to sell the bike for you with no pressure - at worst you take $5K after a few months.

    ibast got it right about dealers, they got to make money. People buying yours will take no warranty into account and price it accordingly.
  8. hey im lookin for a gs500f in about 4-5 months, but u wont have it by then. When are you going on holidays?
  9. goin to be leaving in december time. but want to have the bike sold before i leave.

    we mite be able to work something out.
  10. KK. Well c. I just need around 4 months to gather some cash. Btw where bouts in sydney do you live, like which area?