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Price of Powercommander PCIII in OZ?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by SnOOkered, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. I'm searching far and wide on the internet to find an Australian supplier of the PCIII, and have had no luck :(

    Just hoping if anyone out there knows how much the PCIII would cost for my 2009 Z750? And whether or not there's a website you can link me to?

    At the moment I can only get prices from US sites like solomotoparts.com and posted to my door is $316 US.

    I'd rather keep my money here, especially with the inclusion of the warranty but have no idea what I'd be paying, or whether to US site is a steal?

    Thanks for the help in advance!
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  3. $312 posted from kneedraggers.com is what i paid. And yes, compared to Australian prices it's a steal.

    If your plans are for your bike to be dyno'ed somewhere, see if they can throw in a PCIII at a reduced price for you as a packaged deal.
  4. i payed AU$275 for my PC3, but i got a good deal on ebay when the dollar was strong. installed it myself, then got a custom map done.

    Most places do deals for the PC3, installation & a custom map as a package. Since you're in Melbourne, give Dean at Dynoverks a call. They will do a diagnostic run ($100) to check if a PC3 is required. If so, they will then deduct the $100 off the PC3/install/tune package price.
  5. Can't aruge with that, I mean, having the kit is one thing, but its not going to eprform its best if its not tuned. Hell, I'm working on my bike tonight installing Unifilters. Also doing the equivalent of a PC3 and rejetting the carburettors. See? Mods & tuning go hand in hand; even on 24y/o, 260kg pigs!

    - boingk
  6. every bike should have a diagnostic session on the dyno after a series of modifications. and not a simple wide open throttle run. i mean a proper session with the emissions gear bypassed so the o2 sensor in the tail pipe gets a true AFR reading, and at all throttle positions.

    an alarming number of bikes are tuned so poorly from the factory due to emissions tests, etc, that with no modifications at all, and only a re-tune, they are better to ride, smoother, and sometimes make more power!
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  8. Ah thank para but im in Victoria(melb)... Well, I gave the guys at superbikesupply a call and the best they could do just the PCIII unit posted for was $430, and he even offered the PC5 for the same price but i have no idea what the difference is???

    Also he was saying Dynojet is thinking of blacklisting all the grey import pcIIIs so theyre unusable on all Dynojet dyno systems... anyone else hear about this?

    He said theyre thinking of doing a software update on the Dyno Systems which blocks the grey import serial numbers not registered in Australia :S
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  10. I thought the PC3 was an old model, I think the PC5 allows you to have more than 1 map so your covered if you put nitrous on it.....

    I could be wrong though (it wouldnt be the first time)

  11. \

    Surprise, surprise. What, people think Euro3/4 is actually good for bikes? Shit...

    - boingk
  12. So does anyone know if/ or heard of whether or not Powercommander will be black listing the imported units?
  13. Was talking the other day ref to a power commander v and auto tune to serco, the importer may be they wanted me to buy it from a commander centre, but told me no warranties are given to power commander not bought from a australian dealer. I did ring one of the power commander centers and they confirmed this,but could be a ploy to buy it from them.