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Price info for the Scarabeo 50/100 please

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Yiddo, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Hello, new to the forum and new to scooters but I've recently decided that I must have one - a Scarabeo.

    I've googled but information on the net is difficult to come across.

    Could someone tell me how much I should expect to pay for both the 50cc and 100cc models? Brand new.

    Also, are they difficult to find? Where would I be able to get a hold of one in Victoria?

  2. Best bet ring an Aprilia shop on Monday morning for price. Whereabouts in VIC are you so someone can recommend a shop?

    (I used to know a shop but they don't do Aprilia any more).
  3. "At $7890 with a two-year warranty this is really quite a smart scoot that seems to stack up very well against even more expensive models. Aprilia seem to have addressed all the regular drawbacks found in most scooters to produce a very smart and well appointed machine. If you are after a mid-size scooter this is certainly one model that should make your shortlist. "

    30 seconds googling

    And another 10 seconds produced this
  4. I read scootersales prior to posting and that price you posted above is actually the price of the 250 but thanks all the same.

    I'm in the CBD.
  5. http://www.scootersales.com.au/DealerDirectory/tabid/55/make/aprilia/Default.aspx

    shows that Scootermarket in Hoddle St is your closest Aprilia dealer, followed by A1 Motorcycles in Brighton and Ringwood.
    A quick call in the morning should give you all the answers. I haven't seen the Scarabeo advertised in 50 or 100 for some time now. They may not still import them in those sizes. I have only seen 200/250s and 500s advertised in the last couple of years.
    I hope you find a new one in your size - else the smaller ones do turn up second hand.