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Price for first service?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fret, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Just wondering what people paid for their 1000km service?

  2. Might depend on what bike...
    Bout $180 or a bit less I seem to recall..
  3. i think it was about 80-$100 for the first service on my 50cc bolwell shark
  4. $185 for my X8 250 1000km.
  5. I was quoted $65 at City Scoots in Adelaide, but 3000K's later and I still haven't done it.
  6. $170 for the Bandit 1200 a few months back.
  7. You could be putting your warranty at risk... one doesn't have to pay a shop to do the servicing, but not complying with the manufacturers recommended servicing procedures and intervals (or a similar alternative system) is generally considered a breach and can lead to reduced or even nil warranty coverage.
  8. I'm in Sydney and I'll be paying $180... maybe it's just cheaper in Adelaide?
  9. $134 at Scooter Central at Brookvale.
  10. I've had the scooter for a couple of years now so it's well and truly out of warranty.
  11. Do it yourself. Bloody easy. Its just oil and filter.
  12. Yeah self servicing sounds like a good idea, clearly it doesn't need to cost $180.

    I wonder what the warrentee period on my Yamaha is?
  13. Hey Amanda.

    I always recomend those guys, they are A1. They fixed my motorbike, yes a motorbike not a scooter. They have a wonderful service.

    Are you from the northern beaches? We just bought a scoot for my wife.

    What model scoot you have?

  14. I've got a Yamaha CygnusX 125... but they ended up charging $168 which was a nice surprise.
  15. Had my Bolwell Arriba 125cc for 12 months now and 3,500km's. Oil changes are recommended at 1000km intervals, which I happily do myself, but becomes very expensive when done by a bike shop. I cant believe how many people get spooked into having to get there scooter serviced by authorised bike shops for fear that IF the engine blows up they wont be covered by warranty. How often do you hear of properly serviced engines just dying. It just dont happen often enough to justify the expense of workshop servicing!
  16. $120 in Bendigo for my Vespa LX125
  17. I had my Aprilia Sportcity in for a 5000km service last week & they had a few motorbikes there!

    Yes, I'm at Dee Why. You & your wife will have to come along to the scooter club! We meet at Scooter Central at about 8.30am on the 3rd Sunday of the month.