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Price for 2nd Hand VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tyberious Funk, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. I've been looking for my first bike and decided I quite like the VTR250. But even second hand models often seem priced just a liiiitle bit outside my range. According to Redbook prices a 2003 model shouldn't be more than $5,800 for a private sale (presumably a bit more at a dealer). But I'm hard pushed to find any under $6k.

    I assume one or more of the follow reasons apply;
    1. Redbook prices are wrong;
    2. Prices in my particular area (Melbourne) are higher than average;
    3. I'm not looking in the best spots (generally only online, eg, bikesales, bikepoint, tradingpost);
    4. Listed prices have plenty of leeway.

    Any thoughts???

    Redbook prices:

    Also happy to get any other suggestions for a good value alternatives to the VTR. Would need to be a naked 250 and NOT a grey import.
  2. It is riding season. Bike prices are higher now, and good bikes harder to find.

    You'll pay more now, than if you wait 4 months.
  3. I picked up my VTR250 2001 in mint cond with 14,500kms for $4750. Asking price was $5000. Through a friend admittedly... Just keep an eye out on the sites you're looking at. It is bike season, you'll find they're a bit cheaper in winter if you can hold out.
  4. one reason is that prices go up as the weather gets warmer - it's a good time of year to be selling but a bad time for buying.

    to give you an example, i got my 2001 VTR250 (in perfect nick) with 5000 on the clock for $5,600 - in june.

    killing time at work last week, for a model with similar kilometres and condition, average price seemed to be $6,500.
  5. Even in winter time I thought the redbook pricing was way out.
    I don't think the redbook prices take into consideration the fact that the 250cc market is "different" to unrestricted market.
  6. Yeah it's probably (a lot) cheaper to buy a bike from a state with LAMS. Just need time to find one and come back :)
  7. I wish I could :(

    I have until late January to find myself a bike or I'll have to start walking to work.
  8. I know :) It's just a premium is paid now. Don't suggest you should wait, just you're going to me more hard pressed to find a good deal.
  9. There's no significant interstate pricing differences. The LAMS introduction did not suddenly make the 250 market disappear or plunge.

    The main reason IMO is that there is a lack of second hand LAMS (non 250 bikes), and that most riders know they are going to upgrade to a non LAMS bike anyway, so know it's cheaper to go for the 250.
  10. My rather cursory research suggests that 2nd hand prices in NSW are marginally cheaper than in Vic. But only marginally. Certainly not enough to justify a trip up north.