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Price for 2004 Honda VTR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tomtom44, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, noob here :D

    Just wondering what you think a good price for a 2004 Honda VTR250 is with ~14400 k's on it?

    I've looked at a few places/sites but it seems to vary from $4000-5000.
    I'm hoping to get $5000, maybe $4800 at the least, is that reasonable do you think?

    I bought it for $5000 last year and have actually fixed it up a bit and only put 2000 extra k's on it.

    Registration is going to run out soon though.

  2. Prices change frequently.

    (Off topic - ish) We bought a BMW M5 $50,000 not too long ago, year or two maybe, Now the most you can get for them is $38,000.... -.-

    Anyway, ontopic, Jump on bikesales and look for something similar to yours, look for a few and price around that give or take for faults/bonuses you think you have to offer.
  3. bike has full service history with it? would make it easier to sell. but bikesales is a good guide, plus check the bike for sale section here. without pics and history etc hard to judge...remmebr what you paid and what you would love to get for it, well we all wish..but good luck with the sale, post it on here and see how you go
  4. i bought my 07 vtr250 2 years ago for $5400 with 15000kms on it

    just hit 32000kms today and ill be selling next month too
    hoping for like 4-4.5k but who knows
  5. prices do seem to be all over the place but I think you got a good deal.
  6. Well that's good! I wasn't sure whether it was too much or not lol
    Thanks for that :D