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Price Check

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Popollo, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Took my 2007 GPX250 in last week for a slight rattle noise and have been told the following:

    -cam chain tensioner failed
    -cam chain stretched
    -cam chain guides cut up

    Given I am already up for an hour of labor to take the bike apart and hopefully they left it that way, any idea of what I should be preparing myself for in terms of the quote? Thankfully I had already decided to do the 18k service myself. I'll have to ask them if it would be much more to do the valve adjustment while they are in there so I can skip that at the 24k service.
  2. Won't they give you a price before doing the work?
  3. Yes, just trying to prepare myself. I've actually called them now and received the news. It is looking to be $418 in parts alone plus 4 hours of labor to put everything in and back together. It's hard to know if I am being taken advantage of. Another place I called reckons there is no way the cam chain and guides could be worn with only 18k on the clock. However if I call the other place...they swear that I rode the bike long enough with a lose chain to wear out the chain and guides. As a result of getting to all that...they need to remove the seals on the engine and also replace 3 gasket seals.

    Anyways....1 place is trying to do a 110% fix up job for probably about $1000 on a bike I paid $3500 for. The other place reckons fixing the cam chain tensioner plus labor for $500 would do the trick but they haven't seen it and think I am being up-sold. At the end of the day...the bike is still in pieces at the original place and I will have to pay them for the probably 1 hour labor they already did plus the cost of transporting the bike elsewhere. Not happy but seems better to have the problem fixed 100% for sure and get a free valve adjustment done at the same time and skip it at 24k. Prices for the Kawasaki parts seems high but what can I do...
  4. 4 hours does sound about right for that sort of job, and although it's not common for a cam chain tensioner to fail so early on a GPX it's certainly not unheard of (though usually only occurred on bikes with far more kms than yours).

    Parts price does seem a bit steep though. Just had a look at a random US site and they had cam chain guides for $32 ($64 for the pair), $60 for a cam chain, and around another $50-60 for all the various parts of the cam chain tensioner (though should only need to replace the one that failed). These are all genuine OEM Kawasaki parts, so unless there's something else they're replacing you're paying nearly double what you could get them for.
  5. So you are weighing the opinion of one garage who have actually seen the condition of the engine against another who haven't?
    It's disingenuous to say that an engine "shouldn't" wear out the cam chain in 18000k's but that's subjective, 18000k's freeway cruising against 18000k's thrashing are different things.
    What happens if you transport the bike to the other garage and they say it is shagged?
    Maybe get the work done and keep the old parts - if they are proven to be still within tolerance then you have a case to claim $$'s back from the garage that did the work.
  6. My GPX has done 40k and the engine is sweet, it's just the luck of the draw I think, parts fail sometimes. I had a starter motor go, never happens they said, cost $400 to fix, that's life.
    You will be able to get the parts cheaper but can you fix it, or do you know a competent mechanic who will do it for labour only?

    If not then bear in mind these workshops have high overheads and they have to make a profit or close down. If you go with the ones who have stripped it, as has been said, make sure they give you the old parts, not that you'll know they are out of your bike of course, but its good policy.
  7. That sucks. My GPX had 60,000kms when I sold it.
    Luck of the draw I guess.
  8. i would sell it for parts and get another bike dude I'm sorry to say, unless you can get another engine or head cheap
  9. Yeah luck of the draw I guess. I bought it from someone I knew and it was in good great nick...but sat unused for a long time prior to selling and I put 8000k's on it after buying. I do about 200k's a week on it with a mix of back road / highway and the minor sound has been going on for a few weeks. I swore it started the day "after" running over a small branch that blew onto the road but might be a coincidence.

    The moral of the story seems to be to get any "new" sound listened to immediately no matter how minor it sounds. I'm not willing to risk somehow getting the bike to another garage only for them to find the same thing or for them to try to fix it half ways based on a guess. I can't get another bike and sell for parts as I am due for an upgrade in June when I am off my P's. Who knows...things can happen between now and then and I might be keeping the GPX longer than I think so I'd lie it to be in good shape.

    At least I get a free valve adjustment while they are in there so I can just skip that part at 24k's :). As for the parts price...I think we all get pretty used to paying double for everything in Australia. I could get the parts from eBay or America but so tired of taking the car to work and actually paying for parking. I'd have paid the extra price for the parts in parking and petrol by the time they arrived.
  10. Keep us updated Pop.
  11. Now multiply by 2.5 or 3 to get that genuine 'aussie' reaming.......
  12. Well after dropping the bike off last Thursday evening...they finally got around to fixing and pressure hosing it down just before closing this thursday so I will pick up tomorrow. A reaming it is but it basically came down to what I thought...4 hours labor and about 450 in parts. Just to ream be a bit more...they said my rear discs had basically nothing left and my front tyre was close to needing replaced (already knew about the tyre but would have checked the brakes when I got it back). I got them to make sure they adjusted the valves while they were in there.

    I'll see if their quote holds true tomorrow...it better or I'll be really upset. They have had the bike way to long for my liking...hate taking the car to work.
  13. Have a look yourself at the 'damaged' parts . You should be able to get an idea if things are as bad as you have been told.
  14. Just picked it up and it came $200 under what I was expecting. Seems as though they set me up for the worst and ordered parts for the worst. They looked at the parts after disassembling and only replaced what was necessary so they skipped the cam chain and possibly the gasket seals. Looks like they replaced the oil and spark plugs as well and adjusted the valves. New parts were the tensioner and 2 guides. As they replaced the oil...should have done the filter as well. I'll probably lose oil changing it myself now. Anyways...will see how it performs when going back to work Monday. Price also included a new rear brake pad.
  15. Sounds like youve been fairly dealt with.
  16. $11 a day is a joke isn't it!
  17. Yes it is a joke to those of us not used to paying it.

    Not sure what to do about the bike...it doesn't sound all too different. I took it back and had them listen. They checked the new tensioner and took it for a ride. They said it was all fine and I should feel "confident" driving it and nothing was currently wrong. However...seems like taking the bike apart and putting it back together again introduced some vibration noise when taking off in first or pulling at low RPM. I've heard it before in the past but was able to fix. I guess that will give me something to do. It is probably just a fairing rattle or something like that.
  18. Went over the bike:

    - Pulled off the seat and a rubber disc flew out...found out yesterday it was supposed to be put in a hole where the side fairing slotted into

    - Under seat found bolt just laying there 1cm from where it was supposed to be inserted

    - Checked my radiator cover...1st screw I checked gave no resistance when checking for tightness

    - Checked two screws that held the clip that holds the 2 halves of the front fairing together...no resistance to screw driver

    Well it sounded much better this morning in terms of random vibration noises. I'd love to confront the shop with these findings but I can't exactly prove it if I only found it after leaving...new place next time.