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Price Check - PR2 Fit and Supply

Discussion in 'Tyres' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. #1 mav, Nov 28, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2012
    Currently run Battlax BT021 (came with the bike), and the front is shaggged. Rear is fine.

    Going to get it done this arvo for my front, 120/70

    Mich Pilot Road 2
    $210 fit and supply
    sound like a fair price?

    First go at having one of the coastie motorcycle shops service the bike.

    also, is it likely to cause any riding problems per say, with the Bridgestone BT021 rear still on it? never had two different tyre types on the bike before...(both are rated as a sport-touring tyre)

  2. PR3 is a much better tyre: I bought a 120/70/17 for $199 plus fitting yesterday, averaging 12,000km out of them with 'spirited' riding on a heavy K16.
  3. yeah i've read reviews that the PR3 is better than the PR2

    although there is nothing "wrong" with the PR2...

    i forgot to check with them the price diff

    of the big brands they only stock Metzeler / Michelin, and they had the Mich available in store, hence the choice of the PR's.
  4. they're a good tyre 'Mav.........you'll like them, especially after those bluddy 021's:confused:......... slightly shocked you've stayed upright so long..........
    price sounds about right, although surprised you can still find them around, what with the PR3 out 'n all..........mind you, Michelin doesnt discount much so you'll aways pay pretty much premium:(
    Have ran PR2's several times on the 14 with no dramas whatsoever....... other than longevity...... so will be a lil' amazed if you get the same mileage as they are a softer compound but grip is excellent compared to the 021's

    I'm currently running Bridgie 023's at the moment, and they compare favourably to the PR2's... I'd have no hesitation in running with PR2's again(y)
  5. i won't tell you that i've been scraping the footpegs then. that might upset you a little :wtf:

    cheers for the advice
  6. well smartarse....:D ...... engine bolts shouldnt be a problem now then should they....:rolleyes:
  7. bit of black sandpaper should suffice :)

    back to OP, ideally i'd stick on a set of PR3's or Metz Z8's, and am a little surprised at the price as i got a set of metz zetec's for the VTR250 for $300 fitted...unless thats the natural rise in size of tyres (price)
  8. that'd be a big factor me'thinks.........I'm lookin' at $200 for a front, $300 for a rear (190) so.......... same as small/medium/large cars...... they ream you as the requirement gets bigger:(
  9. got a metzler z8 interact front done for $210 fitted.

    had booked in for the PR2, but the service manager forgot he put it aside for me and sold it to someone else. did apologise and offer a new range tyre at the same price. didn't wait long either, bout 15mins.

    the other service guy that was there, can go fcuk himself. telling me to go park down the street as the lot "isn't a car park". i'm not here to park dipshit, i'm a first time customer bringing my business in as booked. "still gotta go park down the street. you're not allowed to park here. park down the street and we'll go get it when we're ready." and on top of that, should've seen his face drop when he realised he'd be changing a tyre. sorry, did i ruin your plan of knocking off early??!?!
  10. heard some good things about the Z8's..... well done

    Did the boss get a word in his 'shell-like ear' about the attitude.........??
  11. nah didn't say anything this time. figured the weenie had a bad day. will see how he is next couple of visits.
  12. I had Z8s before the PR3s, and the PR3 leaves the Z8 for dead in handling and response. Wear is a lot better, too, but that's not the main criteria for me.

    Another plus for the PR3 over the Z8 (and the PR2) is that you have a sipe in the centre of the tread which will give a good wear indication, something totally missing from the Z8: very easy to get to the metal without any warning. My rear Z8 looked worn at Aireys Inlet and was through to the carcass by Avalon, less than 100km!
  13. Heli, not sayin' nowt about the goodness of PR3's mate...... they appear to be damn good rubber...............waiting to see how they last though, especially on heavy bikes/ huge torque........if the longevity is there over and above 023's I may well look at them as all reviews on grip have been excellent